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  1. jaldyAPRN

    Thinking about pursuing PMHNP post-masters

    Thanks, PsychGuy. Good to know many PMHNPs don't like talk therapy. I'm not sure if I would rather do inpatient or outpatient. I am starting to get the idea that the more time I spend in hospitals, the less I like being in them. As far as switching to primary care track...too late!
  2. jaldyAPRN

    Thinking about pursuing PMHNP post-masters

    I am currently a AGACNP, but since I started clinical I began questioning if it was really for me. I've thought more about it, and am thinking of pursing the PMHNP degree. I've always had an interest in psych disorders and psychopharmactotherap. To what extent do PMHNPs have to practice psychotherapy? I would like to diagnose and treat mental illness, but do not have much interest in providing long psychotherapy sessions.