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  1. Providence Residencies

    Has anyone done one of these residencies? How long did it take you to hear back after applying? I applied about a week ago and the application said they would be sending video interview questions to all qualified applicants. What can I expect? Thanks...
  2. Hospital position without residency?

    Hi everyone. I am currently enrolled in a master's entry nursing program in Arizona. It doesn't have a specialty and is basically a BSN with master's requirements attached. I don't graduate until August, but I am planning ahead. I am moving back to O...
  3. NAU ABSN 2017

    Hi everyone. I've decided to enroll in U of A for the MEPN program instead. Good luck to those on the wait list!
  4. UA MEPN 2017

    When you apply for FAFSA and U of A gets back to you, you'll be awarded about 40k in federal subsidized/unsubsidized loans. Make sure you apply for FAFSA for not only 2017-2018, but 2016-2017 as well. Half of the funds from the 40k come from 2016-201...
  5. UA MEPN 2017

    There's a new Facebook page for our cohort, if anyone hasn't seen it. It's "UA MEPN 2017-18 Acceptees"
  6. UA MEPN 2017

    I think it was 66 for Tucson and 48 for Phoenix last year.
  7. UA MEPN 2017

    That's where I'm confused too. I found that other ID needed to create the NetID on the grad app, but creating it requires some kind of pin. Maybe they send that once the grad college has officially approved us.
  8. UA MEPN 2017

    Home Page - Scholarship Universe The app for nursing doesn't open till 4/5/17.
  9. UA MEPN 2017

    I'm relocating from San Diego and I'm a total wimp when it comes to the heat, so I chose Tucson. í ½í¸Š
  10. UA MEPN 2017

    The CPR course looks like it is generally a four hour course. I'm pretty sure that the grad college just waits to accept you until the college of nursing accepts you.
  11. UA MEPN 2017

    You do have to be CPR certified before starting the program. I saw it somewhere on the nursing website.
  12. UA MEPN 2017

    The 40k in sub/unsub loans will be given regardless of credit. Look at the credit guidelines for what is considered "adverse" credit for the plus loans. That should help. If you don't meet those, you can get a cosigner. I realize that obtaining a cos...
  13. UA MEPN 2017

    You'll get 40k in federal loans automatically. Any additional expenses, including living expenses should be covered by the graduate plus loan. It's super easy to get, provided you don't have a bankruptcy or a lot of debt in collections. I also have b...
  14. UA MEPN 2017

    I just got my acceptance! Good luck everyone!
  15. UA MEPN 2017

    Start date is May 15th.