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Nerd eNurse has 24 years experience as a ADN and specializes in CVICU/ICU.

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  1. So... You slept in a Holiday Inn Express... Who's laughing NOW!!!
  2. Nerd eNurse

    Unionized vs Non Unionized hospitals

    I don't think unionized or not should be a primary reason to work there. The hospital is either a well run good place to work or a good place to stay away from. Unions are the same. Some are well organized and reasonable... others aren't worth the du...
  3. I appreciate that. With the number of union hospitals driving the wage scale in many areas it is hard to fathom that there is truly a wage disparity between the genders. If there is it seems that it should be able to be isolated to a specific area, s...
  4. What is the measurement being used to determine a discrepancy of pay between genders?
  5. I am up front with addicts. Straight up tell them I am not there to judge them and I will give them what they are ordered when it is due unless they are snowed or vitals won't support giving it. I write down the times the different medications are du...
  6. Nerd eNurse

    When Nurses Make Fatal Mistakes

    Great article. My initial thought was that it is a good reminder for nurses like me not to be pressured or rushed when giving medications. My heart goes out to those you wrote about and I can say from experience that it is way better to take ownershi...
  7. Nerd eNurse

    When Nurses Make Fatal Mistakes

    The different pumps that I have used are per-programed by pharmacy. The problem is that some medications like Vanco seem to always have a substantial amount left in the bag after delivering what the pump is programed for. I don't know if the bags are...
  8. Patient satisfaction has gone too far. Benches and flowers in the hallway... really?!!
  9. Murphy's Law! My first real break in months and who see's me....
  10. I can't get those darn alarms out of my head.
  11. Nerd eNurse

    November 2016 Caption Contest. Win $100!

    "They ignore me all year... feed me like a pig and suddenly they smile at me, call me Mr. Tom and want me to get last minute physical!"
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    November 2016 Caption Contest. Win $100!

    Your so sweet... I would love to come over for Thanksgiving dinner!
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    Coming Soon? Will Nurses be Taking Over the Lab?

    Thank you for the good information! The ruling does not limit highly complex testing to Istat machines. And with the lack of training of nurses on the basics of quality blood drawing(order of draw, invert don't agitate, maximum amount for blood cultu...
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    November 2016 Caption Contest. Win $100!

    "Yes, I have a deadly allergy to Thanksgiving"
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    November 2016 Caption Contest. Win $100!

    "I have this strange feeling of impending doom"