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  1. Hi All, I am considering accepting a position into a research nurse residency to start off my nursing career as a new graduate. My concern is, will it be difficult to transition/get hired into a clinical/bedside nursing position if I choose to pursue...
  2. Hey Jess! Thanks so much for your reply! I wont actually finish my BSN until August 2017, I am just trying to plan ahead since I may be moving cities in the future, which is why I was curious as to which hospitals lock you into a contract. Thanks aga...
  3. thank you! Do you happen to know about texas children's?
  4. Texas Children's Nurse Residency Summer 2016

    For anyone who got into the TCH nurse residency, what is the contract agreement with being accepted? Do you have to sign on to work with them a certain amount of time after completing the residency?? I can't find that information online anywhere. Tha...
  5. Do all of these hospitals require a contract to work for them after the residency program? if so, how long are the contracts usually for? I will be graduating in a year, so just trying to figure some things out. Thanks and good luck to everyone in th...
  6. UTHSC Houston - Summer 2016 Applicants

    I'm actually in a similar situation and I was told to just send my current transcript in even if theres a class or 2 missing, and then as soon as the current class grades are posted, then send in another.
  7. UTHSC Houston - Summer 2016 Applicants

    On the application, does anyone know what all can fall into the section for "Professional, Employment, and Military History"? I wasn't sure if this was asking for different volunteer history or additional organization involvement/leadership experienc...
  8. UTHSC Houston - Summer 2016 Applicants

    Thank you! And there's a calculator for the math section right?
  9. UTHSC Houston - Summer 2016 Applicants

    Does anyone have any tips for how to study for the Critical Thinking portion of the HESI or at least what to expect? I take my HESI tomorrow, and this is the only section I'm unsure about.
  10. UTHSC Houston - Summer 2016 Applicants

    So I just registered like a couple days ago and the past few weeks I was having issues with the correct test dates not being shown (I am also taking mine in November). I had to contact elsevier and they said it was an error in their system and it sho...
  11. UTHSC Houston - Summer 2016 Applicants

    Thanks for your help! Turns out it was actually a system error for why no dates were being shown for the correct test, so its fixed now - thank goodness! :)
  12. UTHSC Houston - Summer 2016 Applicants

    oh okay, makes sense. It's strange that the options change from day to day though. Do you happen to know of another school or department code that offers the test with critical thinking? Having a hard time finding any slot at all after September with...
  13. UTHSC Houston - Summer 2016 Applicants

    Hey everyone! Okay so quick question, not sure if anyone else has ran into this issue. I'm applying for Summer 2016, and plan to take my HESI in October/November. I am trying to register through Elsevier using the department code off of the UTH webs...