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    New Grads path to L&D

    I would absolutely fight to get an L&D job right out of school, but big piece of advice: Not everywhere that decides to give you a shot is actually capable of giving you a real shot. When you go into your interviews find out more about the hospitals: Are they private or county hospitals? Is it a teaching hospital? Have new grads been trained to their unit before? do they have a set system or a cohort of people who will go through it with you? do they have a nurse educator? Are they short-staffed/do people on the unit seem to be satisfied with management and have the resources they need to be successful? My first shot at L&D was a bust because I took a job at a smaller private hospital without many resources, had an unsupportive preceptor and not a lot of others to turn to, in a hospital culture where being anything less than perfect was unacceptable. I went to Postpartum for two years then ended up at a different hospital after that to try Labor and Delivery again. The new hospital I work at is night and day to my first job. It's a large county hospital, a teaching hospital where learning and asking questions are welcomed and making mistakes are just part of being human, something you grow from. I'm flourishing now when before I was drowning and constantly being told it was all my fault! I wish I hadn't been so desperate for a job in L&D that I was willing to go anywhere. I wish I'd been able to see the first hospital I interviewed at wasn't going to be able to support me. I honestly feel like I didn't know what to look for though until I went through it: Go with a teaching hospital, somewhere that is used to new things/new faces. Somewhere where there are multiple layers of support for new grads and where new grads often go to get trained in L&D. You only get that foundation one time! Switching into postpartum and doing that first was actually a really great way to learn nursing and be in a specialty that was close to what I wanted. I feel like Mother/Baby is kind of like the med-surg of women's health, prepared me well for the transition into L&D. That would be another good option for you, to start out there. It's a fairly common way to do things. If not postpartum, I'd try for something OR, where you learn sterile techinique/timeouts/counts and other things that will also be something you have to do during a csection. Good luck!!
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    Midwifery Schools and Jobs

    Hello everyone! I have been working towards becoming a CNM since I was 18. I'm an RN now with a little over a year of postpartum under my belt, hoping to gain L&D experience before I go back to school. I live in California but am completely open to moving, no kids, single. I have a friend who is a CPM who told me that California is very picky about who they hire to fill CNM roles and that their decision is very school-based. Does anyone know if this is true or not? I've had it in my head I'd like to go to Frontier or Vanderbilt (or any really school I can get accepted into!), but if the choice in school will greatly affect my abilities to get a job within the state, I would like to know! Thank you!
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    Did I do the PVT right?

    Ok guys... freaking out. I took the test yesterday at 2pm. I finished at 7:30pm with 127 questions. I was so tired by the time I got home at 11pm (I took the test a ways away because it was the earliest test date I could get) and was just dying to try to figure out how I did. I tried to re-register and made it to credit card info, I didn't press submit and actually try to charge it to my card. I put real info in there and didn't want to actually get charged an additional $200 yet. Was the Pearson trick supposed to show up before I even got to the credit card info? Or would the pop-up have potentially happened if I pressed submit? I've decided I'm not going to try any other kind of trick except checking the BON for License Verification on Monday. I shouldn't have even tried last night, it didn't make anything better! It was only 4 hours post-test when I tried to look, I don't know how accurate it was anyway since I don't know if I did the trick right. The test was HARD. It totally targeted my weaknesses which I learned were infection control and diet (which is so frustrating because that doesn't even feel like the heart of Nursing!!). The waiting is awful. Thanks for answering my question!
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    Did I do the PVT right?

    Anyone? I'd love an answer. What I think is that I went through step 1, and 2 but not step 3. That it's when you're pressing submit to get you to that third step of finalizing your payment, you get to see if the trick is there or not. I would love some reassurance that I'm right or an honest answer that I'm not! THANK YOU!!
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    Still waiting on ATT-- California

    I got my ticket a few days after that last post! I gave my community college transcripts to them and the next day got my ticket.

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