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  1. Majoraty

    Documentation of Assessments

    I searched and couldn't find a topic covering my question. Hi all - I'm a new grad, 4 months in. I work in adult inpatient surgery, so 98% surgical pts (mostly general, vascular, urology) and the occasional medical pt. I have asked a few RNs on my unit and there's differing opinions on what is required for assessment documentation. My preceptor was strictly chart by exception. Nothing normal should be charted in the box (we use Epic, so just WDL). Others write every single detail on every body system. I like charting by exception because it is easier to find what is wrong when looking at my documentation. If something changes, I do "UX - unchanged except" and document changes. I'm wondering if in addition to this I should chart the normals for what they came in for (I.e. if abd sx, chart active BS, soft, nondistended, etc). Do y'all tend to specifically write out the normals r/t what they came in for, purely chart by exception, or write out an entire full assessment? I want to be thorough but also clear and not waste time documenting an assessment for 30 minutes.
  2. Majoraty

    Starting CNA course in July: tips?

    I just finished my 160 hour CNA course. I was so lucky to have an incredible instructor who really cares about nursing. I really enjoyed the class. The lecture portion got a bit boring, but was necessary to build the lab and clinical portion off of. Clinical was so much fun, and really helped me see the difference between the real world and the lab. For the skills, practice practice practice. They are all logic based too, so if you get stuck just think about what you'd do logically. My instructor told us "think safety and infectious control. If you do those two things, the rest will fall into place." and that helped me a lot, especially in clinical when I couldn't find things, or something unexpected happened. I'm not sure about the job fair thing, as we didn't have that after our class. Good luck to you!
  3. Majoraty

    Best fitness monitor

    I had a Fitbit Flex for a year and a half (my boyfriend now has it), and a Fitbit Charge HR, and both were really great. The Flex bands did wear down, but I wore them every day but the bands can be replaced. The Charge HR was really great - had for about a year. The auto sleep recording and HR adjustment was great. I did find the Flex under-estimated, and the Charge HR over-estimated my steps.
  4. I'm in process of doing my prereqs now for a BSN program. Next semester I need to decide which school I want to try for, because some of the classes differ. There's pros and cons for both schools, but I didn't know if someone here had any input. Both programs are great, have >96% NCLEX 1st time pass rates for the last 3 years, and would enable me to become an RN. UNC is close by (I live in Raleigh area), I enjoy the culture of the school, and is a highly regarded program. ECU is a few hours away in Greenville and I'd need to move out in that direction. I did a year of undergrad in 2009 there before I was sure what I wanted to do, and I really didn't like the culture of the party school there - but I have heard the nursing program is different, it's on a different campus, and I'd commute. The tuition is a bit cheaper. The biggest difference is the acceptance. Acceptance rates at ECU are higher, they have two start dates, and they have a "point system", and I'm fairly certain I could get in ECU. UNC has a non-rigid acceptance system and really looks at volunteer experience closely, as I understand. I don't have much experience, and I don't have the availability right now to do that, as I'm doing school and work full time right now. I want a school where I can be immersed in the program, be surrounded by others who work hard and want to succeed, and become an RN. Both schools could probably do this. Any input is appreciated. Thank you.
  5. Majoraty

    ADN then RN-BSN or BSN?

    Thank you both for the feedback. I have always excelled well in school, and am currently learning anatomy on my own since it is new for me, and I find it completely fascinating. It was more of a confidence issue vs. actual results. I did well in school, I meant by not adjusting well to the 4 year uni, I didn't adjust well emotionally. I truly believe I can do a nursing program. I see it's very different and more rigorous than what most people expect, and there's no way I can know until I try, but I'm preparing myself the best I can doing a ton of research. I have a spreadsheet going of the BSN programs and their prereqs vs. the ADN prereqs at my CC. They differ so much, while some certainly align - so I don't know which classes to do to prepare for a BSN if I choose this route, because I don't know which program I'd get in (looking at ECU [i did my 1 traditional year here], UNC, UNCG, UNCW). Grn, I do worry about in 2018 or 2019, whether an ADN/RN-BSN would be sufficient enough to get me in the running for good jobs (especially as a new grad). While I will do CNA during school & gain experience, I know my degree will be a factor in employment.
  6. Majoraty

    ADN then RN-BSN or BSN?

    Another one of these threads.Many of the threads I found though were from 2005-2012, and would like to get a more UTD perspective. I did one year at a traditional 4 year university, and didn't adjust well. For various personal reasons, I made a not-so-good choice to go to Full Sail University (I didn't know regional accreditation was important, etc. - parents were paying for my education so by the time I realized it they wouldn't let me transfer again). Anyway, so I graduated in 2012 in Graphic Design, and have been working in that ever since. I truly do not want a desk job. I love people, I love working directly with people, listening to them, and advocating for them. I never considered nursing until about a year ago because 1. I didn't think I was smart enough, and 2. My friend was a CNA and hated it so she discouraged me. Then she was put in the hospital from anaphylaxis, and the nurse was amazing. She taught her how to use the epi-pen, answered all of her questions, was so incredibly nice, and made my image of hospitals so much better (some people kept telling me how awful they are for a long time). I started considering it then, but only recently decided to go for it. I've studied nutrition on my own the last couple years, love teaching people, and know quite a bit of ASL, and feel it could also be helpful for d/Deaf/HoH patients. Anyway, I live in NC (Raleigh area), and am deciding whether to do my ADN at Wake Tech CC then an RN-BSN bridge, or to do prereqs and try to get into UNC's BSN program. The latter is much more expensive, but faster and easier. The former I feel would give me basically the same results however. I will be doing my CNA certification Nov-Feb. I'm reaching out to volunteer at a nursing home as well. Any advice on how to proceed would be appreciated. Thanks!

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