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  1. Greg 77 MSN NP

    Question ANCC PMHNP exam

    Well, I'm more concerned about the actual exam format, I read on this forum that you couldn't go back and change answers, but that was from a few years ago, the Fitzgerald PMHNP prep says that you can. I'm the type that remembers things as I go along, I'll read a question, skip it and go on and the lightbulb goes on and go back and answer it correctly. None of the prep course's tell you about the format of the exam, which I would like to know about. If it was up to me I'd go back to paper test's, but that tells you my age.
  2. Greg 77 MSN NP

    Question ANCC PMHNP exam

    Hi Everyone, I was wondering if the software on the ANCC PMHNP exam allows you to skip through the hard questions and answer the easier ones 1st and then go back to tackle the harder ones later.

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