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  1. New job as a Hospice Nurse

    I completely agree. I have been an on-call RN for a Hospice agency for 3 years. GPS is very important. I cover a rural area and I have to go to areas that I am not familiar with. I learned very quickly that I needed to carry foleys, dressings, diaper...
  2. FNP Certification Reviews, Tips, and Recommendations

    I graduated from my FNP program on 12/12/15. I took a live APEA review course in November. It was great. Amelie is a dynamic speaker. I also think her program has a 99% first time pass rate. I learned a lot. I bought her book of practice questions. L...
  3. ANCC FNP exam: My experience

    I wanted to share my experience. I graduated with MSN on 12/12/15 and passed ANCC today. In November I attended an APEA live review and purchased their review book. I also purchased 10 practice exams from Exam Edge that were specific for ANCC. There ...
  4. How Much Does a Hospice Nurse Make?

    I have been in hospice for 3 years now. I work as an on call nurse. This position is salaried. The annual salary was very close to my Med/Surg pay. My company is non-profit. I am reimbursed for my cell phone, mileage ($6000 last year), and my company...
  5. anxiety vs. agitation; Ativan vs. Haldol

    CapeCod, Thanks for writing about the Haldol in LTC facilities. I have realized that some ALF and LTC facilities will NOT allow Haldol. They will allow Morphine and Ativan. Can you shed some light on this issue?
  6. How do we do what we do?

    TROD, I agree with everything Margin261 wrote. I have been a RN for 5 years, the last 3 years being an on-call hospice nurse. I worked 2 years on a Med/Surg floor. That experience was invaluable. Being an on-call nurse, it is not uncommon for me to g...
  7. Help! Drug Screen for My Prescribed meds!

    Prior to being a RN, I was a lab tech. I have years of experience collecting drug screens and performing drug screens. Generally, the "collector" only collects the specimen. Most specimens are sent to a reference laboratory. There the specimen is tes...
  8. What did you do before nursing?

    Graduated as a Medical Laboratory Technician in 1999. Went to nursing school in 2006. Now starting my last semester in FNP program.
  9. Report me???

    Yes, I have worked over 60 hours before. My primary job was a Case Manager (M-F, 8-5). I worked weekends as a Med-Surg nurse so I could meet qualifications for my FNP program.