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  1. MichelleM1993

    April 2019 RN-BSN with Aspen University

    How has it been going? Are the class work amount manageable? I am beginning next week
  2. MichelleM1993

    Finished Pre Reqs What Now?

    Hi! I'm currently enrolled in Medgar Evers and have one more pre req necessary to sit for the NLN, looks like I won't be able to take it in the Fall, does anyone know if it is possible to take the one last course needed in the Spring/enrolled in the Spring and still sit for the NLN? Also, is the NLN/TEAS standardized or is it different for each school? And do most schools require you to be a student there for one semester minimum before applying to they nursing program? I did hear something like that for Hunter and just wondering if anyone can confirm. Thank you!

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