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    New grad pay rate in Orlando

    South Florida
  2. AbstracRN2B

    Another Tragedy at Vanderbilt

    What case exactly set precedence for current case law?
  3. AbstracRN2B

    Nurse Practitioner Restrictions

    I joined AN just so I could comment on this topic, NP need to do as MDs do and lobby. To me it seems like it is all about money it can't be about patients. I remember here in Florida when the MDs made a big deal about the DNP degree and cried about nurses having the title Doctor in front of their name. I think the ANA and other nurse associations should be going to state and local representatives and explaining to them how this affects patient care, it isn't right that you do most if not all the work and you need a MD to over see your work, and it affects the level of care you are able to provide we all need to get together and fight this.