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elizabeast7 has 7 years experience as a ADN, BSN, MSN and specializes in TMS, Education, Simulation.

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  1. elizabeast7

    New Grad Residency Orientation Schedules

    I am located in Virginia, so not specific to your area but all of the new grad residencies I am familiar with are full-time day shifts for at least a few weeks. After the initial training/orientation stuff, people often rotate off to their accepted shift patterns but that first bit is done as one cohort. Good luck!
  2. elizabeast7

    New Grad RN Resume Advice Needed!

    I think the only thing I often recommend to new graduates is to include any experiences with EHRs on your resume. Otherwise, this looks good to me. We do have our students put their specific hours, but I think that's up to you. Hours vary by program so sometimes it's good to show how many you got and where they were done. Good luck on job hunting!
  3. elizabeast7

    Columbia (Teachers College) EdD Nursing Education

    I replied to your other post, as well - but wanted to say hi again in case anyone else clicked on this and wanted to chat! I am currently enrolled in the EdD program for nursing education at TC Columbia. I'm happy to answer questions either here or via meiserep@longwood.edu
  4. elizabeast7

    DNP vs EdD

    I am actually enrolled in the EdD at TC Columbia. Like you, I did not want to waste my time getting a DNP because I felt it would not teach me things I needed to know and would be doing something for the sake of doing something and not for actual personal growth and development. As for the PhD, I had similar feelings again - I have zero desire to be a researcher in a clinical setting and really wanted to grow as an educator. I am extremely happy with my choice to wait until I found a program that suited my goals. I'd be happy to chat more if you have specific questions! Feel free to e-mail me meiserep@longwood.edu
  5. elizabeast7

    Cleaning Simulators

    Hi! I am all about simulation and would be happy to chat if you ever need more advice! We use goo-gone - but I will say that our simulator company does not recommend it, actually.. they say it will lead to a breakdown of the "skin", but it has been ten years and our manikins are still pristine. Do you put a barrier down before you apply pads/makeup/moulage? I would strongly recommend doing this to protect your simulator from staining! We generally put a layer of Elmer's Glue down, let it dry, and then apply our moulage over it. I've heard that others use Vaseline.
  6. elizabeast7

    Studying for the CNE exam

    I am also studying for my CNE (scheduled in Sept) and on the advice of my chair and other faculty have not paid for the full content. I have read Billings and the NLN review and have been doing the daily questions with pocket prep. My chair said that she felt the additional content/SAE would be overkill.
  7. elizabeast7

    New Clinical Instructor Getting Organized

    That's very exciting! Congrats on getting into clinical education. I try to stay on top of everything as best as possible. I have binders for my sections - and depending on what I'm doing I have folders for each student. I got those file accordion folder things last year but ended up not really liking how they worked. I use excel to keep track of attendance, but that's less of an issue with clinicals. In terms of pre/post conference, I would recommend checking with your lead faculty to see what topics they are currently learning and trying to work that into a discussion. I also sometimes use this time to discuss things that the students want to learn about - I asked them on the first day to submit topics and then I prepared a short (like 5 minute) lecture on it and then had discussion questions for us. I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions!
  8. elizabeast7

    PhD or DNP to become Faculty?

    In my experience, EdDs are not preferred in academia. There are very few EdDs in nursing itself. The one other faculty I know who has hers has her MSN and then an EdD in secondary ed - so the terminal degree isn't technically nsg. I am actually enrolled in an EdD for nsg at TC but it's one of the only ones I've found in my research - most terminal nsg degrees are PhD or DNP. In my personal opinion - and in TC's - EdDs for nsg faculty are going to become more prevalent. How can we develop professional nurses if we do not have professional nurse educators?
  9. elizabeast7

    How is your Skills Course Organized?

    We also have a simulation session with the students in which they must enter, apply PPE, obtain vitals, and do a pain assessment. This serves as a mid-term skill exam for us. We are introducing recording into this terms lab course, and looking forward to the results!
  10. elizabeast7


    We get ours from Evolve, ATI, or just write them ourselves.
  11. elizabeast7

    Delayed Progression Policies

    Greetings! We are a younger BSN program and are running into some issues with whether or not, or how to go about, a delayed progression policy. We only offer courses once per academic year, so when a student is unsuccessful, they are out for a full year. Thus, I worry about their continued clinical competency. Do you have a policy regarding this? Any advice is appreciated!