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  1. kick104140

    OIG appeal

    Hello- I have practiced nursing for 5 plus years and part time I worked as a private duty nurse. I eventually left a case and due to my mental health and extreme binging and purging and spending up to hundreds of dollars a day, I did indeed get myself into some trouble with billing. I look back now and think what did I do, and at the time I wasn't in my right mind, I was obsessed with my illness and even as a nurse didnt think my binging and purging was that big of a deal and that I had it under control. I didn't, and I am ashamed of the mistakes I have made because deep down I know I am a good nurse. Good people make terrible mistakes and prior to this I have never been in trouble before. It makes me sad that I did this within a profession I love and value and I could lose it all. So I am someone currently being investigated for medicare fraud, I have a lawyer who has talked to my state's assistant attorney general who is willing to discuss and most likely reduce my charges down to a misdemeanor of theft as long as I keep getting the help I need and probation. My biggest fear is now the OIG. I know it is early in my case but I am wondering if anyone has ever appealed the OIG and has had success? especially in cases like mine. I know I screwed up big time and if I didnt get investigated now I would not be getting the help I need for my eating disorder and my mental health. And if you are on the exclusion list did you give up your careers in nursing or what are you doing for employment now? Thank you
  2. kick104140

    oig exclusion

    I am just wondering the update on your situation?
  3. kick104140

    oig exclusion list

    WIth the OIG have you seen medical professionals that have appealed their exclusions and won? have you see this when dealing with fraud? I am being investigated for medicare fraud and reviewing the laws of OIG just because a motion is filed the OIG could exclude me even if the charges are dropped. just curious to see what your opinoin is on all of this. thank you
  4. kick104140

    OIG exclusion

    Hi I was wondering if you had any luck finding a job? what are you doing now? did you try and appeal the OIG?