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  1. AZnurse2b18

    HESI A2

    Phoenix college has a hesi prep class that you can sign up for. It's in person and about 2 hours I believe. I took my hesi at pc, but I did not attend the class. I have the same book as you and it was enough for me.
  2. AZnurse2b18

    January 2017 cep applicants

    Wow, congrats on applying! I know you are super excited. I'm taking two electives now for Summer then Bio 205 for fall and I'm done. What university did you apply to? I wish you the best!!
  3. AZnurse2b18

    January 2017 cep applicants

    Anyone applying for CEP in January? Im super excited that our time is almost here!!! I'll be applying to GWCC evenings and NAU.
  4. AZnurse2b18

    MCCD/CEP for Spring 2017

    Hi, Im not apply for Spring 2017, but I am applying for Fall 17. Im super excited. I'll be applying in January for GWCC/NAU evenings. From my knowledge, the May deadline is for all campuses :)
  5. AZnurse2b18

    Has anyone taken BIO202&205 at the same time?

    I'm not but, a classmate in my 202 class this semester is doing both. The teacher can make or break the experience I believe. He is doing well in both. What campus are you taking them at? Im taking 202 at Gateway with -----------------he is amazing and lets us use a 5x8 note card for all tests except the final. I believe my classmate is taking 205 at Phoenix with some lady whose name starts with -----------------(we can't give names)
  6. AZnurse2b18

    January CEP applicants?

  7. AZnurse2b18

    Anyone interested in starting a pre nursing Facebook page?

    Thank you. I will look into that one :)
  8. Anyone want to start up a pre-nursing facebook page for all the Maricopa colleges? I've come across a lot of groups for people already in the program but, nothing for students working on prereqs. This group can be for discussion on classes, help with work, study groups, teacher recommendations-anything. I think this can help us get to know each other in case we end up in the same nursing program or just in a prereq class together. Even people who are already in the program might even be willing to join and give us advice, tips, motivation and inspiration :) What do you guys think?
  9. Yes. I'm taking both this semester. I never knew anyone who took them seperate :) good luck. Edited to add: not a stupid question :)
  10. AZnurse2b18

    Maricopa RN Time Stamps for 8/6/15

    Is this a pilot program for all evening classes or the afternoon/evening program they already advertise?