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  1. I’m not proving anything except to my patient, I got this down to a science.
  2. Is Divine the company you work for?
  3. tammymize

    Share Your Brain sheet

    Did you ever get anywhere with your brain sheet? I can upload a pic of mine if you need, I was just going to inbox you but this site wont currently let me.
  4. tammymize

    What else can I do with my BSN

    I don't know where you live but pay to teach in Missouri isn't good, I would look elsewhere. For a whole summer of teaching a coworker of mine was paid what one of our regular paychecks is (for 2 weeks)- and she did it for 2.5 months.
  5. tammymize

    Share Your Brain sheet

    Start building it from day one chic! I started mine 20 years ago. It all started with things that I couldn't remember or I was afraid I couldn't remember. some people even make sections to fill in your assessment - GI, GU, Head, Heart, Lungs...Its your brain. A couple of years from now you will see someone elses brain and think wow that looks chaotic....Just like yours used to look.
  6. I meant I have never heard any of our PharmD's say DR. and I have been here 20 years. There are about 20 PharmD's employeed here -never heard it. Although I must say I don't say it out in public at all, and inside the hospital I never have to say it because for one it is on my badge, and two if you do ask me if I am a nurse ....well, there is one thing you are after.
  7. tammymize

    Share Your Brain sheet

    Oh and I use graph paper, I love being organized. And one thing about report. State why your patient was admitted, what you are doing to get them better and any other issues (skin, nutrition, resources etc). A wise person once told me “if you don’t know where your patient came from then you probably aren’t sure what to do with them”.... meaning - you will need to do different things for a NH patient from the skilled side that for an independent patient from home.... always know where your patient came from and never ever give a med unless you know what it is.
  8. tammymize

    Share Your Brain sheet

    Actually everyone’s sheets are tailored to their own way of thinking. So just make your own. It’s easy. You want to see vitals first right? Make that section first. Next times for meds - I just put a number down but others have every number listed and will circle them. I always write my allergies at top of meds list. Any test the are outstanding - this needs a section also. A lab section (only outstanding labs of importance need to be listed). What did you feel like you forgot a lot in clinicals - list it! No one wants to have to remind us to do things!! Good luck, use common sense, stay late and help others and you will melt in!
  9. tammymize

    What else can I do with my BSN

    Just google it and you will get a list of options. Those classes might be worthless for some stuff but they can be put to good use for others!
  10. No, on call is exactly what it sounds like. Healthcare isn’t predictable. Lol this actually made me laugh, 😂
  11. tammymize

    Questionable actions that make you go hmm?

    I’ve never seen a doctor carry a clipboard!
  12. I have been in nursing for 20 years and seen quite a few coworkers leave for other professions, no one ever cared that they left! Do what you love!!
  13. Whatever makes me a better nurse! My gosh I have never known anyone to put anyone’s degree down, I’m gonna start listening harder. There are quite a few that refuse to get more expensive certifications because they wouldn’t get reimbursed for it, and frankly I don’t blame them.
  14. Extremely well put!!
  15. When I read this I didn’t even see the LPN part. I’m just programmed to read the last one. Ya no one cares who answers the call light as long as you give them whatever they want lol!

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