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PsychEDRN82's Latest Activity

  1. PsychEDRN82

    Barkley DRT PMHNP

    Has anyone taken this 100 exam test? I took it and it was a disaster. Anyone else?
  2. PsychEDRN82

    HESI APRN Advanced Pharmacotherapeutics exam

    I know this is old, any advice? Taking it next weeks
  3. PsychEDRN82

    APRN Hesi Studying

    Where are you guys going? PM me if you want
  4. PsychEDRN82

    APRN Hesi Studying

    Just finishing my first semester in an NP program taking Advanced Patho. We have to take a Hesi. Does anyone have any recommendations on a studying aid they have used that they found effective or an insight into the Hesi? TIA
  5. PsychEDRN82

    Am I underpaid?

    My location is in New Haven, CT
  6. PsychEDRN82

    Am I underpaid?

    I have been an RN for 6 years in my specialty. I have a BSN. I feel under paid. I work in an acute care setting. Can anyone give a reasonable idea of what would be a decent hourly rate?