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  1. Psychiatric Medication Manual

    Thank you so much, I will check all of these out!
  2. Psychiatric Medication Manual

    Hi everyone, I'm a pediatric behavioral health nurse and just curious if anyone of you can recommend a reference guide about medications? I know I can easily look up side effects but I guess I'm just hoping for more in-depth about meds. Side eff...
  3. Work from home RN jobs

    Thank you!!
  4. Work from Home Nursing Job

    I didn't realize my profile only said 1 year experience. I've actually been a nurse for 3 years...not that that will make a difference since 5+ years is ideal. Do you think it's still worth applying with 3 years experience?
  5. Work from Home Nursing Job

    Hi guys! Does anyone have good ideas about work from home nursing jobs? I am vaguely familiar with what's out there but not sure where to start. Thanks!
  6. Work from home RN jobs

    Hello everyone! Does anyone have recommendations on where to look for nursing jobs that will allow me to work from home? I just Google searched but didn't have much direction. I'm really open to different options! Thanks ?
  7. Hey everyone! I've been toying around the idea of going back to school and now considering eventually doing an NP program and trying to find work at a dermatology clinic. My question can I find experience now in dermatology as a registered n...
  8. New mom working full time

    Thanks everyone. Im trying to not get anxious about all this because I know people just make it work. I just don't want to be miserable and exhausted if I can avoid it.
  9. New mom working full time

    Hey everyone! I've kind of hinted at this question before but wondering if anyone has tips about working full-time night shift with a newborn? I'll have 12 weeks off so that's good but I'm starting to get anxious about how child care will work, my hu...
  10. New nurse, newly pregnant

    Thanks for all the good comments! I think at this point I definitely prefer to work part time (i.e. 1-2 shifts/week) or find something that I can do from home. Which I guess leads me to my last question. Did anyone leave nursing for awhile to do some...
  11. New nurse, newly pregnant

    I currently am the means to our health we would have to figure that out. As far as career goals I am interested in public health nursing. But priority wise I am willing to sacrifice any dream job/money to have time with my kids. But th...
  12. New nurse, newly pregnant

    Hey guys! So I've asked a lot of questions from you seasoned nurses before but now I feel like I'm in an entirely new ballpark. I am 5 months into my first job on a medical/surgical floor. The plan was to do a year here to get experience and then try...
  13. Question about Nurse Coaching

    Hi Lane Therrell! Thank you so much! Can I pm you to ask more specific information about WOW?
  14. Question about Nurse Coaching

    Yeah, that's what I'm trying to figure out. If somehow my local hospital could get on board with something like this. I'd think that'd be the best place to start.
  15. Question about Nurse Coaching

    ok, i'll check it out. Thanks!