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  1. JulesOb

    Lehman college FNP 2020

  2. JulesOb

    Lehman college FNP 2020

    Update: If anyone is still interested (for future reference).. Got my acceptance on 03/12/202 even though application deadline is 03/15/2020. Cumulative GPA: 3.45 Nursing GPA: 3.65 Got amazing recommendations (1 from manger and 1 from an FNP I used to work with). 2 1/2 years med surg peds experience. Great personal statement. No interview. I received my BSN at Lehman. Don’t Know if that helped. This year we weren’t required to take the GRE nor the GNAT.
  3. JulesOb

    LIU NP Program

    Thank you! Of course getting into Lehman will be great. It’s considerably cheaper than LIU and PACE! Although, cheap doesn’t necessarily mean great!
  4. JulesOb

    LIU NP Program

    @sunnyRN Great! What are your stats and experience if you don’t mind me asking.
  5. JulesOb

    LIU NP Program

    @sunnyRN did you heard back from them? They recently contacted me to send course syllabi to determine whether or not I took nursing research and health assessment.
  6. JulesOb

    Lehman college FNP 2020

    Anyone applied for Lehman College’s Fall 2020 FNP program? I noticed there aren't any threads on it nor is there much info on this site about Lehman’s FNP program. Let me know if anyone applied. What are your stats, experiences, and thoughts on the program!
  7. JulesOb

    Montefiore Hiring Process / job search new grad

    Did you ever hear back from Montefiore?
  8. Start with Nclex comprehensive review to get your content straight. Content is everything on the NCLEX because you could spent over 5 minutes on a 40 sec question because of lack of content. After you've mastered your content, go on and sign up for UWORLD! Their questions are great and it's content in itself so you'll be much more comfortable and prepared in answering NCLEX style questions. Goodluck :)
  9. JulesOb

    NCLEX - is U-world worth it??

    Maybe uworld did not work for you but that doesn't mean you should bash it. The majority of people who have utilized uworld well have went on and passed their nclex, be it PN or RN so where is your evidence to prove that much of the content on uworld is incorrect? I too used RN mastery along with uworld, paid $30 for it and it was nothing compared to uworld and I don't mean that in a positive way.
  10. JulesOb

    FINALLY I Passed my NCLEX-RN

    Ummm, how can you refute what God did or did not do for HER?? Are you God himself? I believe she's entitiled to her religion and point of view just as how YOUR PATIENTS are. Nice going nurse í ½í¸’.
  11. JulesOb

    Taking nclex-rn end of sept.2017

    Did you take it?
  12. JulesOb

    How long did you wait to take your NCLEX exam?

    I graduated in June and took my nclex first week of September. So almost 3 months of studying. Passed in 75. Depends of how well you utilize your time but I wouldn't suggest waiting more than 3-4 months after graduation to take it.
  13. JulesOb

    Failed the NCLEX 5 times. Please Help!

    Well said.
  14. JulesOb

    How long does it take to get your results?

    I'm in NY. Took my exam on a Wednesday, got my quick results on a Friday and my license was posted the following Tuesday. So approximately 5-6 days. Some states post license before quick results so depends on your state.
  15. JulesOb

    Lehman college 2016 admittance

    Did you get in for this year?
  16. JulesOb

    NCLEX - Round 2 =)

    You GOT THIS!!

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