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  1. FTCC Fall 2016

    GOT AN EMAIL! but I'm confused...I have been "conditionally selected." Does that mean I'm an alternate? I filled out the response card and checked "accept offer of admission".
  2. FTCC Fall 2016

    I'm just annoyed and frustrated- if they are going to wait until after the spring semester to send out acceptances, they should include spring class grades.
  3. FTCC Fall 2016

    They told me 3-4 weeks! my info session was yesterday too
  4. FTCC Fall 2016

    How far do you live from each school and the hospitals they go to? If it's a big difference, I'd go with the shorter drive. My info session is tomorrow and I'm so excited!! Was the math quiz hard?
  5. FTCC Fall 2016

    Fall sections have come out- this is what's listed for the first Nursing class: Nur 111-0002 8 credits Classroom: Monday Thursday 8-9:50am Lab: Monday 10-12:30, 1-430 Clinical: Wednesday 7-1130, 12-130 cape fear Nur 111-0001 8 credits Classroom:...
  6. FTCC Fall 2016

    How did it go???? What was it like?
  7. FTCC Fall 2016

    I would buy a study guide book- a couple of them come with online practice tests- score them to see where your weaknesses are and then read up on those topics. I felt like the actual teas test was easier than the practice tests I took.
  8. FTCC Fall 2016

    Be sure to post and let us know how it goes! :)
  9. FTCC Fall 2016

    I think so, I'm going to probably dress as if it were an interview- slacks, dressy/conservative blouse
  10. FTCC Fall 2016

    I got my info session email! My appointment is on April 26th!
  11. FTCC Fall 2016

    The nclex pass rate is in the mid-high 90s- which sounds like a good program to me! Fay state's nursing program was suspended just a couple years ago for not adequately preparing students...while fay tech's program is 3 times as large.
  12. FTCC Fall 2016

    Me too- I check multiple times a day!
  13. FTCC Fall 2016

    Thanks so much for the info!
  14. FTCC Fall 2016

    Wow down to 34 students! What is the schedule like? Do you have clinical the very first semester?
  15. FTCC Fall 2016

    I don't know when it's coming, but they will email us a date and time for it.