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  1. UTHSCSA Spring 2017 Applicants

    Hey Everyone, I'm a current student in my first semester, so this is all pretty fresh for me. If you have any questions, let me know how I can be of some assistance! Good luck and congrats!!!
  2. UTHSCSA Fall 2016

    Hey classmates! I just started our own Class of '18 Facebook page, come say hi and join, it's closed so I'll approve you on there! Log into Facebook | Facebook
  3. UTHSCSA Fall 2016

    I am building the facebook page for our class right now, I'll post a link by the end of the day :)
  4. UTHSCSA Fall 2016

    I just got my acceptance letter! I'm shaking right now! I can't believe it!!!
  5. UTHSCSA Fall 2016

    Friendlyjane! This might be the day! I'm freaking out!
  6. UTHSCSA Fall 2016

    Thank you so much for reaching out to us! I hope your first semester is going well. And I will hopefully be creating that Facebook page next week! Keep your fingers crossed for us and again, thanks for reaching out!
  7. UTHSCSA Fall 2016

    Hey friendlyjane. So I've looked into this as well, UTHSCSA informed me that they can perform the vaccinations and required bloodwork but they will not fill out the form for you, you will still have to go to another Doctor to do that. But they also s...
  8. UTHSCSA Fall 2016

    Alright guys, I don't know about y'all but I'm stressin! haha. I want March 18th to get here...like now! I have been accepted to TLU's and Schreiner's BSN programs for Fall 2016, so I have options, but I am really hoping to get an acceptance from UTH...
  9. UTHSCSA Fall 2016

    So, the e-mail came in today saying that they will let us know via e-mail by 5pm on March 18th! And now the countdown begins...uggghhhh. 38 days guys, we can do this!
  10. UTHSCSA Fall 2016

    Friendlyjane...I'm in a perpetual state of nausea right now. I'm guessing I will be "just about to throw up" for the next month +! Good luck to all of us, hope to see you guys soon!
  11. UTHSCSA Fall 2016

    Hey friendlyjane, I finished my Hep B series, but am going to send in titers to supplement as well. I've had a positive TB skin test before, so trying to figure out what I need to show them for that. I think they need neg chest rads. Fun fun fun!
  12. UTHSCSA Spring 2016

    Hello Everyone! I'm so happy for everyone that got in and I hope your first semester is going well! I applied for the traditional BSN track at UTHSCSA for Fall 2016 and was wondering if I could get some insight. I've been majorly stressing, I applie...
  13. UTHSCSA Fall 2016

    Hey friendlyjane...thanks for the welcome. The references section I left because I remember at a SON info session, they said references aren't looked at. They strictly only look at TEAS, math & science gpa, cumulative and essay questions (I beli...
  14. UTHSCSA Fall 2016

    Hey guys, so glad I found this group! I tried to start a similar thread but it never got replies. Anyhow, I officially applied a couple of weeks ago, I'm sooooo nervous. I can't wait to find out. My cumulative is 3.06, Math and Science is 3.76 and TE...
  15. Hello everyone! I'm starting this thread for everyone else applying for the Traditional BSN program at UTHSCSA starting in the fall of 2016. I just applied, wow what a process! Anywho, my application stats are 3.06 Cumulative GPA, 3.76 Math & Sci...
  16. Traditional BSN-UTHSCSA Fall 2016

    @roser13 UTHSCSA=University of Texas Health and Science Center-San Antonio This is where I am applying for nursing school and just wanted to create a forum for other applicants to express their concerns, tips or experiences!
  17. NursingCAS GPA

    I called NursingCAS directly, they said to enter 0 for "F's" and "W's"
  18. NursingCAS GPA

    I just finished entering my transcript info in to NursingCAS, way back in 2005 I earned a couple of "F's". Does anyone know how NursingCAS calculates those into the GPA if they don't know how many credit hours the course should be worth? For instanc...
  19. NY, LA or SF?

    Hello nurses across the country! I still have a ways to go before finishing school, but I'm a planner/dreamer and would like the input of those with experience. After I finish, I plan on moving to NYC, LA or San Francisco; all three are cities that I...
  20. TEAS Test

    Hey Trish...I just took it. Scored 87% ranked in the 97th percentile! Very excited if you can't already tell by the exclamation points! haha. As a recent taker of the test, a few take-aways I have are a)be diligent in the math section, don't spend t...
  21. Enter your TEAS V Scores here!!

    Program Type: BSN Adjusted Individual Total Score: 87.7% ATI Academic Preparedness Level: Advanced Mean - National: 64.3% Mean - Program: 64.9% Percentile Rank - National - 97 Percentile Rank - Program - 97 Reading Adjusted Individual Score 97.6% Ma...