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  1. Katernny

    Lactation Consultant / IBCLC

    I am currently an RN on a LDRP unit. I love postpartum and helping patient with breastfeeding and have been considering trying for IBCLC certification. My question is, is IBCLC certification worth it? At least for now I plan to continue working on my unit. I do get a $1 raise with this certification but that’s it (I think). In the future when I don’t want to do bedside nursing it would be nice to do only the lactation portion. It seems like it’s pretty pricey to obtain the ibclc. Did you get a raise when you became certified? How much do you make as an IBCLC if you are strictly working as one? Do you feel the ibclc is beneficial to have for a postpartum nurse, or should I just stick with being a PP nurse without the ibclc? All/any advice is appreciated!!!
  2. Katernny

    Career advice please!! *poll*

    The l&d job is in the same hospital system so I would just be transferring. Med surg is not my thing so honestly I'm looking to just do my time there and move on!!
  3. Katernny

    Career advice please!! *poll*

    Thanks for the opinions! I am so unsure of what I should do! I feel like my thoughts change by the minute!
  4. Katernny

    Career advice please!! *poll*

    Here is my background: I started as an LPN in a peds office, and went back to school to get my RN. I stayed for a year after my RN and then decided that I would try and pursue my dream of being an OB nurse/ labor delivery. About a year ago I started in med/surg in a nice hospital system that pays the best in the area. I just interviewed for a l&d position last week, although I'm not confident I'll get the job. Many dilemma is that I have a 1 year old, and have decided that my job just isn't my life anymore, and I'd rather put my child first. That being said, I have an opportunity to go back to a nice office job that pays pretty well (a little less than now). BUT do I give up my dream of l&d to have nicer hours and less stress?? I'm working 2 12s (d/e/n) now and it would be the same in l&d. The office would be 2 1/2 days per week. If if I went to the office, and decided in a few years that I was ready for l&d again, would it be too late? Would employers look over me bc I spent years in an office? I'm not ready to completely give up my OB dreams but I also want to spend as much time with my baby while he's little!! any advice appreciated!!!

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