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Lactation Consultant / IBCLC

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I am currently an RN on a LDRP unit. I love postpartum and helping patient with breastfeeding and have been considering trying for IBCLC certification. 

My question is, is IBCLC certification worth it? At least for now I plan to continue working on my unit. I do get a $1 raise with this certification but that’s it (I think). In the future when I don’t want to do bedside nursing it would be nice to do only the lactation portion. It seems like it’s pretty pricey to obtain the ibclc. 

Did you get a raise when you became certified?

How much do you make as an IBCLC if you are strictly working as one?

Do you feel the ibclc is beneficial to have for a postpartum nurse, or should I just stick with being a PP nurse without the ibclc? 

All/any advice is appreciated!!!

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Getting/maintaining one's IBCLC is very time-consuming and expensive. If you are not planning on working as a lactation consultant, my suggestion would be to take the week-long CLC course and exam and get your CLC certification. 

Everywhere I've worked that employed IBCLCs, they were paid the same base pay as the floor nurses. I've never worked anywhere that a nurse got a raise after obtaining her IBCLC, other than the $1-2 additional for certification pay.

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