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  1. Hello, So I'm reading up about heart failure for my NCLEX exam. One of the goals of care is to increase cardiac output in order to increase perfusion to vital organs such as the kidneys. Another goal is to decrease preload (or venous return) because the heart of overfilled. To decrease preload, diuretics can be given. This is where I am confused. This might be a dumb question, but I feel like these two goals are contradictory. If one were to decrease preload via diuretics, wouldn't this decrease cardiac output as well and then decrease perfusion to the kidneys? Wouldn't this be counterintuitive? Clarification would be great! Thanks!
  2. Lnursing

    HELP! SNS regulation of BP

    Hi! I am having trouble understanding the SNS regulation of blood pressure. So in response to low arterial pressure, the SNS becomes activated which causes the release of norepinephrine and epinephrine. Norepinephrine acts on the alpha receptors to cause systemic vasoconstriction, which increases SVR, which will lead to an increase in blood pressure. I am having trouble understanding epinephrine's action on the beta receptors. So with decreased arterial pressure, SNS is stimulated and epinephrine released; epinephrine stimulates the beta receptors which causes an increase in heart rate, speed of conduction and force of contraction, but also causes vasodilation. This is the part I am confused about. With vasodilation, wouldn't the BP decrease? Or is the vasodilation used to accommodate an increased heart rate and increased cardiac output to protect the blood pressure from becoming too high? Any help and clarification would be great! Thanks!
  3. Lnursing


    So I've done the Kaplan Sample Test 4 which is mostly Select All that Apply questions and did terribly -- 24%. In all the other question trainers and qbank, I've improved my scores from 40-50% and am now consistently getting 50-65s%. I've heard that people have gotten a lot of select all that apply questions on the exam and was wondering if this was true and how difficult you found them. Any info/advice would help and ease my nerves! Thanks
  4. Lnursing

    Uworld & Kaplan

    I just wanted to know how difficult you guys think the questions are for uworld and kaplan. Which questions best matched the difficulty faced with the actual NCLEX exam? Which would you say is better?
  5. Lnursing

    Kaplan Book 2014-2015 Practice Test

    I just took the practice test in the Kaplan strategy book for 2014-2015 and got a 69.8% but on the online Kaplan I am scoring much lower (48-55%). I am so confused and so nervous for my nclex in 3 weeks. Am I ready? Has anyone else had similar scores? HEEELP!
  6. I just took the practice test in the Kaplan Strategy book for 2014-2015 and scored a 69.8% on this test. I am also taking the kaplan online qbank in which my scores are much lower (lowest 48% highest 55%). I am so confused and don't know if I will be ready for my NCLEX in 3 weeks. HELP!
  7. So I bought the kaplan NCLEX RN 2014-2015 strategies, practice and review with practice test book. In this book, I got a 69% on the practice tests. However, I also bought the kaplan online course which includes the Qbank and Q trainers. So far I have been getting 48-55% in the online kaplan. I am freaking out that these scores are too low. Will I pass the NCLEX? Any advice/experience with the kaplan book and kaplan online?? I'm sort of freaking out.
  8. Hi! I'm totally freaking out! My test is in 3 weeks and I have been scoring 48-55% on kaplan. I've also been doing Uworld and averaging 40-50% on it. Will I pass my test? Has anyone else been scoring low and passing the nclex??