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  1. Congrats how is your score in Uworld?
  2. Lnzsay

    Passed with 75 questions using UWorld

    Congratulations. Did u only use Uworld and PdA book to pass this time? No other materials?
  3. Lnzsay

    NY BON application time period

    Yes I called PRC several times and they told me that they did not receive mail from CGFNS I couldnt call the CG for that cause its an office to office transaction and Im not supposed to intervene. Im just praying that this will be over, this long wait couldnt start my review. How long are u waiting?
  4. Lnzsay

    NY BON application time period

    I applied to NY BON after I think 5 days or 1week I mailed my application in CGFNS. If I just knew that it would take long like this I shouldn't have done that. I even passed the 2 test that NY required infection and child abuse.
  5. Lnzsay

    NY BON application time period

  6. Lnzsay

    NY BON application time period

    I have the same problem. I feel that doing this CVS process takes forever. Its been 7months and still CGFNS still waiting to documents they needed. So frustrating and couldn't start my review having this problem dont know if I will be eligible to take this. Hope I can get my att to move forward in my review.
  7. Lnzsay


    Hi we are on the same page. I'm a foreign graduate and applied for CVS for NY last August 2015 and until now CGFNS still waiting for the documents needed for my evaluation. I tried to call them but all they can tell me that they did not yet receive my documents from school and from my licensure verification. One told me that it will take 10 months to a year for processing in NY CVS so I got discouraged about it. If I just known it earlier I would have just applied on Michigan which only take up to 4months on foreign graduates.
  8. Lnzsay

    Failed NCLEX.. Scared to test again

    Thanks nori[emoji4][emoji106]🏻
  9. Lnzsay

    Failed NCLEX.. Scared to test again

    Hi congrats u passed[emoji4][emoji106]🏻 where can I get the lecture of Mark klimek? Also what is ur scores?
  10. Lnzsay

    Priorities and Delegation

    Wow! U are very detailed and I am learning from u. I think u would be a good tutorí ½í¸Š congrats
  11. Lnzsay

    Passed Nclex 181

    Wow really? How many months did u purchased for Uworld?
  12. Lnzsay

    Does NLE June2006 can take NCLEX?

    Hi I am CVS that is for New York applicant it runs by CGFNS also the difference between CES and CVS is processing time CVS could take up to 10mos while CES 4mos. I applied for CVS last aug2015 and still pending I tried to call CGFNS but since its an office to office transaction they cannot give me any information about my application until they forward it to NY BON. If u are going to begin ur process now u might get ur att before me.
  13. Lnzsay

    Help june 2006 nle passer

    Try to apply. I tried it but since I'm in CVS in NY it takes forever. Try to apply ur CES lets hope and pray we can take NcLEX
  14. Lnzsay

    Does NLE June2006 can take NCLEX?

    I haven't heard anyone from NLE June 2006 passer who got CES Mine is still on process I am just crossing my finger. Praying that I will get the eligibility. Try to call CgFns if you have any question about it.
  15. My friend graduated Mar 2005 and she just took her Nclex last February 2016 no time frame from what she experienced.
  16. Thanks for advice[emoji4]

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