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  1. Nurseing Math Help.....

    Hi. What method are you using to solve this problem? Have you tried Dimensional Analysis? If not, look it up. Personally, I find that to be one of the best ways to solve the math problems.
  2. I found nursing school to be very difficult but somehow I managed to pass. I'm currently struggling to pass the NCLEX. Lately, my parents have been telling me that they don't think I should've gone into nursing because it is obviously too challenging...
  3. Study Preparations

    Thank you.
  4. Study Preparations

    thank you!
  5. Study Preparations

    Thank you!
  6. Study Preparations

    Hi. Thank you. I do have the Saunders book and that helps a lot for med/surg. However, I barely passed Maternity Newborn and I'm pretty worried about that topic. Do you have any book suggestions for that topic?
  7. Study Preparations

    Hi. I am currently studying for my NCLEX exam. I have an issue with content material for both Med/Surg and Maternal Newborn. I'm studying from my textbooks for this two topics but find the books wordy and time consuming. What are some good books that...