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  1. Trying to get Accepted!!

    My BA is in Clinical Physiology, D's were not accepted, which I had one and with retaking the course moved it up to a C+. I have debated retaking classes, but I have heard that programs do not take the better grade,or average the classes which may no...
  2. Trying to get Accepted!!

    Ok and it looks like you are in Florida... hmm thats way better in my opinion, because your strong classes help with your weak ones... Thanks for the insight!
  3. Trying to get Accepted!!

    Thats the GPA for the "Nursing GPA" so i would venture to say yes.
  4. Trying to get Accepted!!

    I have been trying to apply to nursing programs in Washington State, I applied during my final quarter of my first BA. At the time i was finishing my internship, while taking Microbiology and Organic Chem. Upon not receiving an interview, I withdrew...