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  1. NursemsG

    SJVC Visalia LVN to RN Program

    Congrats, I also got a call and was accepted. See you in orientation.
  2. NursemsG

    SJVC RN-LVN bridge program 2019

    I received a call getting into the program. Has anyone received a call or email getting in or as an alternate? If your an alternate was it explained to you how it works if so please let me know.
  3. NursemsG

    San Joaquin Valley College RN 2018 Applicants

    Does anyone know how the alternates work? If the have 10 how many usually get in.
  4. NursemsG

    SJVC Visalia LVN to RN Program

    Hello, congrats this is awesome hope you are doing well in the program thus far. What was your status such as Fundamentals Test score or level?, GPA? how did the interview go? I am currently waiting to see if I got in to the 2019 cohort. Trying to se...
  5. NursemsG

    CA Lvn to RN bridge

    Does any one know if you are able to apply for lvn to rn bridge program in the central valley area while taking microbiology? I have 1 more pre req which is micro I am re taking the class. Or has anyone heard of straightliner courses online? They off...
  6. I graduated in 2007 I recently got my LVN Lic and now working my first lvn job at a skilled nursing facility. I thought I would go in and learn all that I can going hands on since I've been away for so long. The DON stopped a nurse and told her she w...
  7. NursemsG

    PVT: Question of Character?

    They are working on it, soon there will be no PVT. At first it was if it takes you to the cc page now you have to enter the cc info pass or fail... Soon they will figure it out maybe they will change it to where you have to wait 30 day in order to re...
  8. NursemsG

    Board in less than 2 weeks still scoring 60's

    Thanks guys... I took the boards got 205 questions I feel good about it. I got the last question right (one of the nclex rumors if you get the last question right most likely you pass). I also did the PVT and I got the good pop up... Now I am just wa...