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    VCU's accelerated program 2015

    Hello, everyone and congratulations to everyone that got in! I am graduating with my B.S. in Psychology this coming up December and am planning on applying for the Summer of 2016 start date! I just want to get an idea of the credentials that many of you had that got into the program, and if you're a person that feels like they got in by the skin of your teeth, then I am especially interested. I tend to be a worrier and just want to get an idea of where I may stand in the admissions process, which changes from year to year based on the candidates that apply. I started out at Virginia Tech for my freshman year and maintained only a 2.75 GPA, which was disappointing. I have since transferred to VCU and maintained a GPA of about a 3.5 in my courses here, while also taking some classes at local community colleges (all A's there). I'm sure they will take all three transcripts into account, which would leave me at about a 3.3-3.4 GPA. I completed all of the prerequisites, having to take VCU anatomy a second time after getting a C the first time (a B the second time and then became a preceptor the following semester). I have also worked as a CNA for the past two years at a couple of locations (none of them with VCU, sadly). I understand if you don't want to disclose anything, but would really appreciate some help on understanding my position as an applicant. I hope that everyone is enjoying there time, and can find some time to help a brother out! Thank you!

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