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    Hospitals Firing Seasoned Nurses: Nurses FIGHT Back!

    This article is exactly what is happening to bedside nurses. The art of nursing is dying. I have been a registered nurse for 44 years, and I remain at the bedside. My years of toiling are coming to a close in the next couple of years. I am afraid that the nurse of today has been trained to take care of the computer, and not the patient, and I just recently had my CEO, tell me and a seasoned colleague, "how fast and good the new nurses are at that". I told him to make sure he checked the patient, to see that they were not in as good a shape as the computer. Nursing for me was a calling, a career, but for most of the newer nurses, it is a job, and stepping stone to do something else, CRNA, CRNP, etc. More education is being pushed also, to obtain magnet status. At the cost of nurses realizing, "I will not get all this education and stay at the bedside, it is too hard, and the pay scale is too low." I have no solutions, they ask my opinion but do not value it, and this has been going on for years. I have someone to go the hospital with me for care, if and when I get sick. They will only understand when they are "in the bed." What they do not understand, is no matter whom was in the bed, I always treated them as my own, I do believe in the brotherhood of man, and that is something you cannot teach. Thank you for allowing me to express this.

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