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  1. megb2104

    What is your take home pay as Nurse Practitioner?

    I know this is all very personal but I REALLY appreciate everybody helping those of us that are looking into salaries for ACNP/FNP. Great thread. Currently have my MSN but am working as an educator, as much as I love it, pay is horrible.
  2. megb2104

    Are We "Glorifying" Nurses?

    It sounds like this nurse is burnt out honestly. Nurses don't do hard work? I work in a facility where we are lucky to have a CNA for our shift. So..that means I do the "dirty work" and the "non-hero" nursing work! In the same breath..the word "hero" is used WAAAAAAYYYY too much. Everyone is a hero nowadays..doctors, military...the list goes on..the word doesn't mean anything to me anymore.
  3. megb2104

    Leaving the "floor" for Nurse Educator

    Also a great idea, staff educator would be great I think!
  4. megb2104

    Leaving the "floor" for Nurse Educator

    NOADLS yeah, of course it is my life and my decision after all is said and done. Just wanted feedback from people who have taken a similar course, and wondering if they were happy with the decision. Thanks for your input! :)
  5. megb2104

    Leaving the "floor" for Nurse Educator

    walkingdeadhead, thanks for your input!! I think it will be a good move :) doctorate is a great idea as well and hopefully in my future too!
  6. megb2104

    Leaving the "floor" for Nurse Educator

    TriciaJ, I agree. I think that while my son is in school we will get to spend more time together. When he's older, I think I will definitely come back to travel nursing.
  7. megb2104

    Leaving the "floor" for Nurse Educator

    I agree, I think working in the hospital setting as an educator would be great as well. Good hours and better pay. Plus, I think it would help keeping you current with the most up to date practices.
  8. I would definitely give Lasix first! Clearly they are fluid overloaded. Labs are important as well, but I believe the patient needs the fluid off first. BSC is also needed :) I'd say counseling patient would come last..
  9. megb2104

    You should know better

    I try to practice what I preach..but we are all human! In fact, I don't "preach", really. I think 99% of the population knows they shouldn't smoke. I'm not going to sit there and lecture you not to smoke when you've heard it all before and have no desire to quit..it's your life! Besides, like I said we are all human. I can't shake my head at a cirrhosis patient and then go home and have 4-5 beers.
  10. Hello fellow nurses! I have been an RN for 4+ years and travel nurse for 1+ year. I became a nurse because of what I thought would be a lot of patient care and helping people, but instead, find myself already feeling burnt out and 90% of my day is charting. I recently graduated with my MSN in education, and was offered a job as an ADN faculty (yay!). However, the pay is a big jump...we're talking roughly $86,000/year (traveling) to $48,000/year (educator salary)..yikes! I feel like with the hours, summers, weekends and holidays off to spend with my family and son it will be worth the pay cut. Not to mention being run ragged 4 days a week. Has anyone else left the "floor" to become and educator or is anyone thinking about it?? Was it the right choice?? Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you!!!!
  11. megb2104

    RN Starbucks side job?

    Hi! Omg, I also worked at Starbucks in college and have been a nurse 4+ years and considered picking up hours at starbucks (free coffee, too!). I say do what makes you happy. I found myself bored on my days off honestly, and I would personally rather pick up hours at a Starbucks than the hospital, even though the pay is so different.

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