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  1. Hey, Im currently debating between the two schools st lawrence or st clair to start in january. Has anyone been to any of these schools? Have you heard anything about these schools. ALSO.. If you start in January do you go through the year with little breaks or would you start seamiest 3 in january? PLEASE NEED ANSWERS D:
  2. 07FutureNurse07

    What should I do? Aspiring future nurse

    Hey, I am an aspiring nurse. I applied to seneca, st. Lawrence, Mohawk, centenniel and st clair. My first choice is seneca. Have you guys heard anything good about the school i picked and which has the best program out of what i chose. right now my marks are English- 80 Math- currently doing Chem- 75 Bio- 85 I am currently doing my english again for a higher mark and thinking of doing my chemistry again, should i do it or just go in with the marks i have. My aim in ENG-92, Bio-85 (leaving it), Chem- 88, Math-80-84. I want to be a nurse so bad. Any advice

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