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  1. Is anyone out there a therapeutic apheresis nurse? What do you like most and least about your job? Is there any sort of advanced certification that therapeutic apheresis nurses can attain? I envision typical career paths would be in clinical research or dialysis. Any views on new grads in this field? Thanks in advance--for responses to any of these questions.
  2. Any graduates of the Critical Care Internship program in Marquette? Were you happy with the program/hospital?
  3. Kai_5

    HELP: Where to go?

    Try a rural Critical Access Hospital. Information about them is here - https://www.raconline.org/topics/critical-access-hospitals#how-many A link to find them is Critical Access Hospital Locations - Flex Monitoring Team Good luck!
  4. Thanks upnorthnurse! That helps alot.
  5. Can someone explain to me what the AV, DV, F & NV in the job listings are? For example, there is a listing for RN, ICU/CCU.6AV. I assume the .6 is .6 of 40 hrs or 24 hours/week but I don't know what the AV stands for. thanks!

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