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  1. Hey Everyone, So unfortunately I failed NCLEX the first try and am in need of some new questions to help me prepare for the next attempt! I psyched myself out during the exam which is what I mostly attribute to my results (considering I prepared exactly how I was supposed to with the Kaplan prep course and test schedule). I took the Kaplan prep course and so I have already done all of their practice tests and qbank questions (which with all of the attempts I have now memorized the answers which is no help). Does anyone know any other NCLEX prep question sets that are helpful and worth purchasing? I saw there was one called uworld (or something like that). Any advice or answers would be GREATLY appreciated!!! Thanks!- Kelsey
  2. Hey Everyone, So unfortunately I did not pass the NCLEX the first time. I went 265 questions and also took the Kaplan course and did all of the qbank questions and practice tests (I know super frustrating). Since I basically have memorized at this point all of the qbank answers etc., I was wondering if any of you know additional NCLEX style passing level questions that I could purchase to practice and study for my second attempt! I think nerves got in the way the first time I took it, so I def want to be 100% prepared the second time around. I saw there was some program from uworld (i think that is what it is called) but if any of you could give me some recommendations that would be AMAZING!!! Or if anyone who was in the same position as me has any tips to ensure a successful round 2 attempt I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you so much in advance, -Kelsey
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    Ah thank you!!! I will definitely look into it!!! I have remediated the kaplan questions to the point of where I can quote it now so having a new bank of questions is going to be great! really appreciate the advice!!!
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    Psyching out probably wasn't the right word... more I got discouraged and starting rushing through - I didn't realize how common it was for people to get 265 questions so I think just doing more research and realizing how common it is has helped. A large portion of my fiends past in 75 so I think that kind of got in my head but I think just doing more research has totally helped.
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    The link you posted didn't work.. is there something I can search instead to access what you posted! Thanks so much in advance:)

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