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megmarbach515's Latest Activity

  1. megmarbach515

    I just failed my NCLEX

    Can you please send me the "operation NCLEX" ? Will send my email address if you reply that you can send it. Thanks!
  2. megmarbach515

    PVT 2015

    Did you get charged the $200v
  3. megmarbach515

    PVT 2015

    Please everyone share your story if you tried the PVT in 2015. I heard it is not accurate anymore. Is it possible if you got the "bad pop up" and pass? Can you get the "good pop up" and fail ?
  4. megmarbach515

    bad pop up on NCLEX and passed

    so it's possible to get the "bad pop up" and pass the nclex?
  5. megmarbach515

    Bad pop-up doesn't necessarily mean you failed!!!

    So the bad pop up is not always accurate? Im really nervous because I just took the NCLEX and felt good while taking the exam but now I don't think I did well
  6. megmarbach515

    BAD POP-UP for PV TRICK but still PASSED?

    has anyone had the bad pop up and reregistered but passed ? Looking for answers.
  7. megmarbach515

    Waiting for nclex results

    Is the "bad pop up" from PVT not accurate?

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