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  1. rheclay

    California Board of Registered Nursing

    I applied for my RN. Which branch of military is your husband. I will be at Vandenberg.
  2. rheclay

    California Board of Registered Nursing

    I also did not bother with paying for a temporary, as I was told that I would receive it expired and within the same time frame with being a military spouse.
  3. rheclay

    California Board of Registered Nursing

    So sorry to hear! I just got my CA license approved a few days ago!!! My husband is active duty AF and we got orders to PCS to CA. It took me a week and a half from the date of submission to get my CA license endorsed. I did electronic fingerprinting. I was told this expedites the process. Being a military spouse, I was told to expect a 6-8 week wait. Not true, as I only waited a week and a half! My husband knows a fellow airman stationed at Travis and I mailed it to him and he drove 30 mins to drop it off at the CA state board office. If he wasn't able to, I was already planning to fly there and back home to LV, NV for a day trip. So sorry to hear your luck. I wrote on 2 areas at the front of my packet that I am a military spouse. Hopefully my situation may help you!

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