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  1. zemog2665

    Golden West College Nursing Spring 2018

    I think I've got a score of 77. What's the usual overall score of getting accepted?
  2. zemog2665

    Advice please on a/p and chemistry

    im 4 years out of school and just started summer semeseter doing developmental psych. doing very good. the only classes i need now are the sciences i knocked out almost all my gen ed before joining so i have no point in taking other classes. i have decided to just do the science classes by themselves! im going to buy the books for my fall classes now so i can start studying
  3. ok so here is the delio. i am a veteran of the usmc so ive got the g.i. bill. i am not worried about only taking parttime if i need to in order to succeed. if i am taking a/p 1 and chemistry 150 should i just take thise two classes in the fall and only those two?? i want to do very good in both these classes. i work a part time job 3 to 4 days a week. i can chose to work 3 or 4 so should i work 3 or 4. ive made the decision to live at my parents until i am finished. (im 24, sad but will save loads of money and be able to focus more) what is your advice on what i should do? idc if it will take a bit to knock out these pre reqs. THANK YOU!!!

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