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Hello friends. I'm currently attending South Texas Colleges. Hopefully I can apply for the ADN program at my community college by summer 2016, and enter the program in fall 2016.

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  1. Hello everyone and HAPPY THANKSGIVING. So, I received my acceptance letter on the 18th of this month, and I attended a mandatory orientation yesterday. I feel excited and terrified for the years to come. This fall semester I enrolled at a one semester PCT program, which I loved. I already did 30 venipunctutes, a straight catheter (foly) on a female. I helped a PA student with wound care. I have my CNA license already and hopefully in a couple weeks i will also get my phlebotomy and ekg certificate too. I usually spend my clinicals in the ER and I really enjoy the fast pace that the nurses go through here. Going through the PCT program in my CC has made me tealize that nutsing is my passion. Helping others, seeing there faces change after you do something that makes them feel more comfortable is gratifying. Just wanted to express my excitement. Thanks for reading :)
  2. nurse~in~the~making

    advice on what to do or say to a friend from church

    Thanks all
  3. nurse~in~the~making

    advice on what to do or say to a friend from church

    As far as being a irresponsible student , i think this are some of the most disciplined educational years iam going through. I have put my self a goal to reach, and that is to get a degree. I now have two beautiful children and a husband, i cant undergo a failure. Iam doing this for my family, i actually have 3 A's and B that can go up to an A after the teacher grades our binders(we do 6 assignments every week, but she only puts a completed check mark; she still needs to add the grade for all chapters)
  4. nurse~in~the~making

    advice on what to do or say to a friend from church

    I just needed some advice on how to take this. I really like this lady, and i wouldnt like to lose the friendahip i have with her.
  5. nurse~in~the~making

    advice on what to do or say to a friend from church

    Thank you all for the responses. The thing is that i had only askwd her about the financial aid part. She already knew i was persuing a nursing degree since before this semester started. Since the beginning when i had mentioned i was persuing the ADN route she started making those type of comments, my husband was even present the first time, and later that night he said he thought the sister was trying to say i was dumb. This is the reason i oonly asked her about the financial aid part today. I will follow the advice everyone has giving mme. Thinking about it, it is the most rational. Sorry about typos iam using my phone.
  6. Hello all. Well, i went to a baby shower today and i sat next to this nice sister/friend. I was asking her for some advice regarding financial aid since she works in the nursing building at the school i want to go. She gave me some good advice for the financial aid, but as soon as she mentioned the nursing program, she told me not everyone stays in it since its so difficult. Then she advice me to think about it before enrolling since 'you have a family, and you wont have enough time to study, think about it because if your not ready, your putting youraelf into failure'. I told her i had heard it was hard but i was still in doubt if going for an lvn or an adn first. She suggeated for me to enter the lvn program because it wasnt that hard, And again she just told me to think about it and that it was my decision. I really like this lady but i feel like she is trying to say iam not a good element for nursing. What can i say to her that wont sound rude. She is a lady on her late fortues and iam 22 year old. I dont want to sound like mean and dusrespectful, but i wouldnt like for her to keep on making those comments. Thank you all. Sorry its a little long.
  7. nurse~in~the~making

    Nursing student schedule

    Hello everyone, I am currently taking some of my pre requisites for an AND program. I would appreciate it if I could get an idea of what a nursing student schedule really looks/was like while in school. I have kids so an example with family time would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. FYI: I won't be starting until fall 2016, hopefully. But an idea of time management so early on will be beneficial.
  8. nurse~in~the~making

    Aspiring RN student!

    Texas rosiee, what school are you planning to attend? I just enrolled this semester for my pre requisites.
  9. nurse~in~the~making

    college success for healthcare class

    Thank you. I just changed my username
  10. nurse~in~the~making

    college success for healthcare class

    Well I am on my 5th week in this class. And just to let future students know what this class is about. Well I have to wear some kahki scrubs everyday I have this class(tuesday) . it's techniqully about learning basic healthcare rules . they teach you to develop organizational and communication skills. Its a great class that's helping me revolutionate my past skills 😊thanks to everyone who tried to answer my question
  11. nurse~in~the~making

    college success for healthcare class

    Have you taken college success for healthcare as a requirement. What do you do. Was it hard? What do you reccomend for this class? Any advice/comments will be appreciated.

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