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    Dear preceptor

    I am so sorry, I felt bad just reading this. I precept at my job and yes even though it makes me a little slower in getting my tasks done I find it very fulfilling to help teach the new nurses and give them the benefit of my experience. We're all new at one time or another and I try to remember back when I first started out and if I had that experience I may not have had stuck it out all these years. I find most new nurses even though they're green they have the desire and motivation to learn and succeed. I wish you much luck on your journey into nursing and hope that you don't let deter you from being the best nurse you can. Some people aren't meant for this field, it's a continual learning experience and if you don't have the desire to grow and learn and be of service to others it may not be the best field for some. best of luck to you... í ½í¸Š

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