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  1. Nurse1242

    Outpatient Oncology Shift

    Thank you so much for this! I have an interview for an outpatient position at a cancer clinic next week and I am a new grad. I would love to have this position! How many nurses are usually hired for this setting?
  2. Nurse1242

    Kaplan and NCLEX prep

    Thank you for your response! Nice to hear, I am almost finished with all the Kaplan questions thankfully! I hope you have found out that you passed!!!
  3. Nurse1242

    Kaplan and NCLEX prep

    Hello All! I take the NCLEX in two weeks. I have been doing kaplan for about a month and a half, and doing qbank, trainers about 5 days a week. Learning a lot. However, my test scores are not that desirable....mostly in the mid 50's and some high 40's, some low-high 60's...rarely above 60. I had a friend tell me that as long as you are 50% or higher you should be fine for the NCLEX, as it is just pass/fail, and as long as you get over 50% right you will pass. I want to see if that is true. Thank you for your help in advance, thank you!
  4. Nurse1242

    I passed my NCLEX with 75 questions on the first try!!!

    Do you mind sending me the med sheet as well? Thanks! golfingal60@msn.com

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