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  1. AlextheOK

    Who says nurses can't be scholars?

    I am mainly a lurker hiding in figurative bushes on allnurses, but I really wanted to say I love your initial post, OP! I am fascinated with neuroscience - it is what I am majoring in (the "Wild West" of science, IMO, as there is so much left to discover/unravel). I want to be an PMHNP eventually, and everything I am learning thus far I feel is going to benefit me with my end goal. Plus, it's a joint venture with the College of Medicine, so I can take some really interesting classes - like the neurobiology of disease, neuroimmunology, et al. I would love to have you as a preceptor down the road as you are passionate about learning, but I am in a different state, so it probably is not feasible. While I am actually posting, from a lurker's perspective, I just want to say thanks to everyone who contributes to this particular forum; all the different view-points is very helpful in deciding what is the best road for me to travel in order to be a safe/competent healthcare provider (no online schools!) and gauge my eventual monetary worth as such (Jules, you are awesome).
  2. AlextheOK

    "No Haitian nurses" says Ad

    I would stand behind an ad that said "no hipster nurses".
  3. AlextheOK

    Excelsior Exams (ECE's)

    Thanks everyone, I don't know how I missed this forum! I feel like the dwarves in the Hobbit whilst they were lost in the woods. You can feel free to close this thread, if you would like.
  4. AlextheOK

    Excelsior Exams (ECE's)

    Good afternoon, everyone! Background: I have taken the fundamental science courses (biology, chemistry, physics), however, I am still in need of taking microbiology, anatomy and physiology, et al. I enjoy taking online courses, or hybrid courses (whereupon you learn on your own, and come into class only for labs), as I like to teach myself and make my own schedule (I work full time, so the flexibility is great). I have emailed my advisor about the possibility of testing out of microbiology and anatomy & physiology via the "Excelsior Exams" (ECE's). It says on their website that my school would credit this if I were to pass the exam, however, I do want to verify before I spend money on study guides/books. Here are my questions: - Has anyone here done this? - If so, what are your thoughts on this... would you recommend this, or did you personally feel that taking the class(es) via your college would have been better for you? - I am wondering if this could possibly be viewed detrimentally on my future nursing application? (Would the powers that be prefer that I take the course via the college?) - What is your favorite color? Blue... no yellow! (Had to throw that in there...) Thank you for your time, and I hope everyone is doing great this semester!
  5. AlextheOK

    Brian Short News

    Grief is a heavy, sunken rock that is leaden within your gut - renders it hard to breathe, to function. I fervently wish that everyone who feels a personal connection/friendship with Brian and/or his family is able to piece together peace. I am so very grateful for this edifying community, I have truly learned so much lurking here. Creating an enduring place where people are able to learn, connect with one another, and evolve is an amazing, unique legacy; as a stranger, it's surreal to realize that someone who I never spoke to, someone I never knew on a personal level... will have impacted my career and education. I hope those who are mourning Brian and his family are able to be surrounded with love during this time... the best enemy of grief is love and a good bottle of whiskey.
  6. AlextheOK

    Walking from school at night with deer and no street lamps?

    I applaud your sensibility in being aware of the subversive nature of the nefarious trouble-makers of the Cervidae family, AKA They Who Must Not Be Named. To protect yourself from these dastardly deer, I recommend the following: - Deer are excellent swimmers. If you decide after a long arduous day of class that you would like to take a nighttime swim in the local watering hole, please be aware that you will not be able to outswim a deer - so this is probably a terrible idea. They're like sharks, but with fluffier tails. - Deer are terrific jumpers. Do not try to climb a tree in order to get away from them, as they can jump up to heights of 10,000 feet on a bad day. - The Chinese water deer have large upper canine teeth. With this in mind, I would recommend not taking an alternate route home, say, through China. - Deer like to have you think that they eat leaves, grass, fruit, et al. Do not believe this, as their diet mainly consists of man-flesh, the tears of the vanquished, and the occasional stray nursing student. Ways to combat these fearsome creatures of the dark: - Watch old Chuck Norris films, in particularly pay attention to his roundhouse kick and fists of fury. - Buy a pet mountain lion and let him loose in the wooded area to eat all the deer. - Conjure up a patronus to walk you home from class. Bonus points if you can call up a scary bunny. - Offer the deer a beer. - Pack up and move (this should be your last resort). All seriousness aside, I agree with others here in saying you should be concerned about walking home by yourself in the dark due to humans. I would catch a ride with a classmate if you miss the bus; or if you walk home, bring pepper spray and make sure your phone is always charged. Good luck!
  7. AlextheOK

    The Wisdom of Lurking

    I have been creepily lurking here for the past several months (yes, that is me in the figurative bushes)! I am finishing up my pre-reqs, and then will be applying to nursing school. I am your friendly neighborhood lurker so that I can soak up as much knowledge as I can in the meantime - not to mention, it's also pretty motivating. I can't wait until I can proudly state that I am a nurse and then eat baby nurses, myself! (I hope for some ice-cream flavored ones - kidding kidding). Seriously though, there has been so much information that I have learned from lurking here... I am really glad this place exists. I promise I won't ever ask you guys to do my homework, or "why am I not being placed on first shift without weekends? Scandalous!", or even talk about how "I failed a class because my Professor is a giant Sucky McSuckerson who is out to get me because I am SuperStudent". I will probably keep creepily lurking about, however, as I feel this has been really helpful. ~ Newbie

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