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    I'm a newish nurse. I worked on a Women's Surgical floor for one year before the hospital kicked us off our floor and moved us to a med surg tele floor where I have been for almost two months now. Well I gave the tele floor a chance and I've learned a lot but I mainly learned that it is not for me. The whole reason I chose to work on Women's Surgical was because it was an all women's floor and it was part of Women's and Children's unit which includes mother/baby, L&D, NICU, and peds. Women's health and maternal nursing have always been my passion. I loved working on the Women's surgical floor and during that time I got to cross train on the other floors. On the med surg tele floor I stay stressed out constantly and it makes me not even want to be a nurse anymore. So I saw a position for the mother/baby floor and I applied. I have an interview in a few days and I'm really nervous because I want this job so bad! This is always what I have wanted to do. My question is, how can I relay to the director whom I am interviewing with how passionate I am about this area of nursing? I don't want to just sound like I am just saying this or that so I will get hired. Also, any specific interview questions for this area that I should be prepared for? I am hoping my previous experience cross training on this floor will help. I also had received a perinatal bereavement counselor certification last year when I was working on Women's surgical and included this in my resume. Thank you in advance!