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  1. What labs values have the opposite effects? For example, if potassium goes down is there always going to be an electrolyte the tries to create equilibrium by going up? Are there any patterns that I can remember?
  2. Home Health offer fair??

    Get a LTC job to start off. Should be easy to find and get hired. Get your experience and then maybe get into rehab or hosp. I really don't think it's safe for you, your license, or the patient until you get some experience. Do you know how to ch...
  3. Pay per visit home health

    I went to a PPV interview the other day and if I remember correctly a basic visit was about $60. How do you complete your visit, do the paperwork involved, and travel 20-30 miles each way all in less than 2 hours? I decided to turn down the positio...
  4. low balling me with pay rate?

    I'm in Austin, Tx and make $31/hr working PDN.