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  1. ARIN./SIR Convention in Tampa

    Anyone going??? I am! Just wondering if anyone else is...
  2. Ok, all you wonderful Radiology nurses. Being a department of ONE, I need some input. I am primarily involved in CT and US guided interventional procedures. We ONLY get H & P's on patients have procedural sedation. QUESTION IS: Do you guys ge...
  3. Certification?

    Just curious as to how many of you have your Radiology Nurse Certification???
  4. Rad. Nursing Continuing Education

    Thanks for the info... those are the only two sites I know of as well. Do you have your Radiology nursing certificate???
  5. Rad. Nursing Continuing Education

    Hi Guys. I am hoping someone can help. I am in the BEGINNING stages of trying to get my certification in Radiological Nursing. Does anyone have a good suggestion for a place to start getting continuing education that is directly related to Rad. Nu...
  6. Let me know if you still need help. I can answer your questions if you haven't found anyone. Cathy
  7. I Could REALLY use help from an RN

    I can help!
  8. CTAC's

    We only have one Radiology RN--me! We only do the Cardiac CT's when I am here. So, basically Monday-Friday. Our ER cannot order these as a stat. They can be scheduled as an inpatient or an oupatient. Hope that helps!
  9. What SHOES do you recommend?

    I LOVE, LOVE the Nursemate Quarky (sp?) slip on clog!!!! They are super lightweight, easy to clean and I can wear them ALL day without my feet hurting. I wear Birks when I'm not at work so I am pretty picky about my shoes. I am on my 2nd pair and t...
  10. Paracentesis

    We have one patient who comes in about every two weeks. We have taken off 10-12 liters of fluid each time. His ordering physician is the one who orders the Albumin. In this case, his doc orders 50 grams of Alubmin. Our Radiologists NEVER order Al...
  11. Shortage of Vacuum Bottles????

    We use evac bottles or vacuum bottles on a daily basis for our thora/para patients. We are now OUT of them as a hospital. We are being told that there is a medical glass shortage and that this is affecting everyone. We have some paracentesis patie...
  12. Conference in Peoria, IL anyone?

  13. Conference in Peoria, IL anyone?

    I thought it was for nurses, but let me double check my flyer and I'll get back to you, ok?
  14. Conference in Peoria, IL anyone?

    hi everyone. like alot of you, i am in a newly created position and i am a department of one. i have many, many questions, but for now i'm just wondering if there are any other radiology nurses near me. there is an interventional radiology confere...
  15. passed with 265!!!!

    congratulations!!!!! i, too, passed with the dreaded 265 questions. cathy, r.n.