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  1. DeeninNurse

    WGU RN to BSN

    Join the online Facebook group called WGU RN TO BSN...all the gems are there to finish in one term! Thank me later!
  2. DeeninNurse

    Finally done with the worst two years of my life

    The relationship wasn't black and white. Obviously there were a lot more issues than nursing school. Risk my dream and knowing full well it wasn't going to work out? Naw, not me. I'm willing to do whatever I can to make amends but that's not possible if the other person isn't interested. It's called life. It's not fair. All I can do is try my best. Blessings :)
  3. Where do I start? The month before nursing school I went through a divorce. During that time, the last three years were spent working two jobs while doing my prerequisites at night. I had a son and a daughter on the way. Just before making my dream a reality, the wife made an ultimatum. You either come home to the east coast and hold your dream or you stay in California and go to nursing school. I couldn't just drop what I worked so hard for especially since I had a 2.8 gpa and got into a nursing school which is almost impossible. Nursing school drained the life out of me. Every care plan, every test, ever skills check off. After the first couple months, I was mentally and physically drained. Plus on top of that, I was heartbroken and missing my children daily. I don't know how I got through nursing school but prayer and patience were key. I loved every second of patient care, even the difficult patients were quite interesting. I found my love in each hospital, in the late nights and early mornings. Often times I'd be dreaming about my patients and how their lives turned out the way they did. Nursing was and still is in my blood. It's a life of service and giving. We sacrifice ourselves to make other people's lives better. Complete strangers. Nursing isn't for everyone. In fact, almost 30% of my class didn't make it. I wanted to write this post to those of you out there who want to go into nursing and are still unsure. Don't waste anymore time thinking about it. If this is what you truly love, a selfless profession, go for it. You won't regret it one bit. To the care plans and endless paperwork, I'll never miss you ever again. To my fellow classmates, it was a wild two year journey. For me, it was a nightmare that felt like it would never end.
  4. DeeninNurse

    Chabot RN Program Fall 2018

    2018 Chabot Graduate here get ready for the hardest two years of your life! never had anxiety or nightmares til I went to Chabot. Half the 2019 class got booted already Chabot is one of the hardest nursing schools in the area that's why they're 97-100% on their NCLEX pass rate.
  5. DeeninNurse

    quitting school, pls help.

    STICK TO IT!!! Sacrifice!!! You love being a patient advocate! You can work in outpatient oncology! No hands on patient care! Salaries in California 120,000+ working only 4 days a week. Don't stop. Trust me!!!
  6. DeeninNurse

    Fall '16 Chabot, CSUEB, Ohlone, Merritt, and CCSF!

    The ohlone college lottery results have been posted!!! I'm in for spring 2017!!! I may get bumped in for fall 2016 if 9 people decline!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. DeeninNurse

    Fall '16 Chabot, CSUEB, Ohlone, Merritt, and CCSF!

    Waterlily, Are you going to go to Chabot or EastBay?
  8. DeeninNurse

    Fall '16 Chabot, CSUEB, Ohlone, Merritt, and CCSF!

    Anyone know the update on when Ohlone is going to post up their lottery results?
  9. DeeninNurse

    Fall '16 Chabot, CSUEB, Ohlone, Merritt, and CCSF!

    You guys are awesome! Thanks for the heads up! It's really nice to see people being responsible and actually taking the time to decline their spot so us worried folks can finally breathe and relax! Much appreciated! :)
  10. DeeninNurse

    Fall '16 Chabot, CSUEB, Ohlone, Merritt, and CCSF!

    I just received my letter from Chabot. It says I'm alternate number 14!! I wonder if I still have a chance. Anyone get an acceptance letter but are going to decline???
  11. DeeninNurse

    Merritt College Fall 2016 Reviews

    I'm also in the same boat. I just received the letter indicating I met the minimum requirements and now need to submit my TEAS score. I already passed it many months ago so I'll just submit it in when I get a chance. Any updates from recent graduates?????
  12. DeeninNurse

    Fall '16 Chabot, CSUEB, Ohlone, Merritt, and CCSF!

    Congrats Julia!!! So happy to hear that you got accepted!! I always get good vibes when people are pursuing their dreams! Keep up the motivation and hard work during school too. I also have two kids and a wife and I'm the breadwinner of the family. Hope I can finish nursing school while fulfilling my responsibilities!!!
  13. DeeninNurse

    Fall '16 Chabot, CSUEB, Ohlone, Merritt, and CCSF!

    I'm a second degree student. I've applied to Chabot, Ohlone, Merritt, Los Medanos, Drexel (ABSN), Holy Family University (ABSN), St. Francis School of Nursing, and another school in Ohio that was ABSN. I forgot the name lol. Prayers for everyone. Whatever is in your destiny will happen. God bless!
  14. DeeninNurse

    Student doesn't eat and I'm the person to fix it!

    I was just going to write the same thing! You summed it up! My wife was a behavioral therapist and she worked with many autistic kids. One of the kids was a 5 year old boy who had issues with eating. He would only eat poptarts and cheetos. She started off by first playing with fruits and veggies. He had a phobio even touching them. Slowly but surely he started playing with them and picking them up. Then she moved onto picking it up and moving it close to his mouth. Finally he tasted. Eventually he ate fruits and veggies but not all of them. He had a preference for some over others. Keep up it up, it's worth the hard work!
  15. DeeninNurse

    Residency program question

    I live in California. It's a flooded market. I honestly would do the residency program and then come here. You'll have a better chance compared to the recent grads we keep popping out every semester and there are A LOT of them. I pray for the best for your future. Keep working hard!
  16. DeeninNurse

    Thinking about leaving nursing school

    Do not quit nursing school! Do not listen to anyone on here who tells you to. Trust me, i work with a nurse who became a np and now just received her marriage and family therapist license. She works here at a cancer center where she deals with the many issues of our patients. You have so much more to gain by finishing what you started. You already put in the many years of pre-reqs and 1 year of nursing school. You will regret it if you drop out!!!