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  1. Terpole

    HELP!!! Thoughts of joining as an officer

    I applaud you in serving our military. It's a different experience than civilian atmosphere. But might I ask where is this 90,000 a year job and what is it you do?
  2. Terpole

    Things I have learned in Nursing

    You can't lose if you kill em with kindness:cool:
  3. Terpole

    Is healthcare a right or privilege?

    If someone pays for your healthcare, they should have a say in the care you do (or don't) receive.
  4. Terpole

    Changing Careers to Nursing. Advice needed

    To the posters knocking the OP, I would say give him/her a break, but you guys might be on the money. From the inference of the post, it's about quickly becoming a nurse but yet not doing something really related to the bedside experience, or care in general. CRNA and informatics are a far cry from your run-of-the-mill med-surg unit, where the job of healing is done day in and day out. To the OP, examine whether you really want to sign up for this and if that's the case try to shadow an RN. Don't do it for job security. Don't do it for money. Do it because you really like helping and being around (sick) people.
  5. I wouldn't do it. Financial security is something very important nowadays. You will be paying to go to school to work in a field upon starting out will halve your current salary. Major point to think about. Of course everybody should pursue their dreams, but dreams don't pay the bills.
  6. Terpole

    Starting to doubt nursing....

    You certainly have vaild points. The wide range of nursing positions, some of those things are true, and then none of them are true. Mostly your concerns are experienced at the bedside, but this is the frontlines of nursing where your experience will shape your career. But this profession isn't for everybody, and always examine why you went into it in the first place. With that said, 1. DO you like/hate your job? why? I have a love/extreme dislike relationship with it. You have your good days and bad days. Any number of reasons can bring about this dislike, but I won't go into them. 2. DO you recommend nursing career for students? why? It depends on many factors, but generally yes. 3. DO you regret going into nursing career?? I sometimes do, because of the strain it places on me family-wise. If I got away from the bedside I probably be better off. 4. Is it true that there are variety of nursing jobs in one hospital?? for example if you hate your area/floor you can pick a different one in the same hospital and have totally different experience?? Absolutely. Working in procedures, cath labs, etc is much different than your garden variety floor. However, these jobs are at a premium and very specialized so it's sometimes hard to get into.
  7. Anything to do with astromony. The size and complexity of the cosmos never ceases to amaze me.
  8. Terpole

    RN to RT?

    That pretty much sums it up. Maybe you have feelings that draw you away from bedside nursing? Do you have problems on the job? I just think something else is afoot to consider such a move which provides little to your nursing career (unless you're thinking to heck with nursing altogether).
  9. Terpole

    Places for New RN to apply in Northeast Florida?

    I shall PM you with some info
  10. So you're saying that the high turnover rate is due to the education of nurses? The education of nurses has no bearing on the situation dealing with staffing issues, too-sick-for-the-floor patients, and other institutionalized conondrums the post-grad RN faces. Educators have no control over what their graduates face after school. They can prepare them as best as they can, but to teach them shortcuts they have know to survive is showing them how to do a job, not to think as a nurse. The research on the high turnover and stress in the field is well documented. The nurse faces a multitude of obstacles to care for a patient, most of which are brought upon by the hospital itself. It can be an "against all odds" profession. I have nothing by empathy for the ones that need to vent.