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  1. Preceptor Gift Ideas

    Hi everyone! I am finishing up my clinical rotation next week, and I would like to get something for each of my preceptors. I have had an amazing clinical experience under the guidance of 2 psychiatrists and 2 PMHNPs. I am struggling with gift ...
  2. Getting off the "do not hire" list?

    The only instance I've heard of a coworker being ineligible for rehire other than someone who was fired was when a coworker did not give adequate notice. One month written notice was required, and she only gave a 2-week resignation. She was notifie...
  3. NP Hates from Physicians?

    I’m in the mental health field so I’m not sure if it is the same as in other specialties because we are our own breed (haha), but I have found the psychiatrists very supportive of NPs. The ones I work with make comments about how we need more psych ...
  4. HELP - Goals for PMHNP preceptor/clinicals

    I can appreciate the frustration with that for sure, but I would also never fault someone for wanting to get advice to ensure they had an appropriate focus if they were in fact new to psych (which I am not.) Thank you for the feedback.
  5. HELP - Goals for PMHNP preceptor/clinicals

    "Calling it like it is." The person you are referring to knows NOTHING about me aside from that I posted on my first day of clinical practice as a PMHNP student that I was looking for ideas for weekly goals. She ASSUMED that I have no psychiatric b...
  6. HELP - Goals for PMHNP preceptor/clinicals

    Thank you! That is what I ended up doing. I made a list of everything I would like to learn over the course of the entire semester, and the psychiatrist I am learning from has been amazing! Thank you for providing a helpful answer! ?
  7. HELP - Goals for PMHNP preceptor/clinicals

    Hi everyone! I just started my 1st clinical rotation as a PMHNP student, and the psychiatrist that I will be with one day per week asked me what my goals are for while I am with him. He wants me to come prepared with one goal each week to work...
  8. Hi everyone! I am a current PMHNP student in need of a PMHNP or psychiatrist to precept for my upcoming clinicals beginning in January. If anyone is in my local area and is able to precept, I would love to connect with you. If you have any advice ...