Preceptor Gift Ideas

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Hi everyone!  I am finishing up my clinical rotation next week, and I would like to get something for each of my preceptors. I have had an amazing clinical experience under the guidance of 2 psychiatrists and 2 PMHNPs.

I am struggling with gift ideas for my male preceptors.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Anyone that has precepted students in the past, please feel free to share if there was anything you would have enjoyed receiving!

Thank you in advance!

barcode120x, ADN, BSN, RN

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Being a guy, I'm fine with gift cards so I think those should be fine. The few students that I precepted asked a similar question. I refused initially, but I told them if they really want to, I'd be fine with a Starbucks gift card. If you want to go a bit further, maybe ask your preceptors a favorite restaurant or bar they like to go to and get a gift card from there. Or, if you see your preceptor getting a drink or food from a specific shop commonly, that can be a good place to start for a small gift.

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I tailored my gifts based on the preceptor. I had one who really liked to go get her lashes & nails done, so I got her a gift certificate to her favorite salon. One of my preceptors refused all gifts, so I bought lunch for his staff. The others, I gave them gift cards to things they liked, mostly restaurants. I always tried to buy lunch or bring snacks for the staff as well. My last hospital rotation, we had 3 separate ICUs and the nurses worked their butts off for my patients. I bought goodies for all 3 units. Spent more than I had intended, but it was worth it. They were very thankful. I also made sure to include a handwritten thank you note in the card I gave my preceptors. 

I will definitely always be willing to precept students after the ordeal I had trying to line up preceptors. They teach us so much and don't get paid at all. I think it's a shame. The schools basically make you do your own learning. They should pay the preceptors a nice sum for their time! That's where the REAL learning occurs ?