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  1. Good morning everyone! So I live in a city in South Texas that only has 2 hospitals and a handful of drs offices. I am currently 26 weeks pregnant and am trying to find some options for work after the baby comes. I've been a nurse for 3 years, work...
  2. New radiology RN

    Thank you for the reply I do appreciate it. I was wondering if you knew of any advanced nursing options in radiology? Do they utilize NPs? In the next 12 months I'm looking at getting my CRN but I'm just trying to think long term.
  3. New radiology RN

    Thank you for the reply and support! I was wondering if there were any other books besides the ARIN Core Curriculum that might be helpful?
  4. New radiology RN

    Hi there! I worked for the past year on a pediatric med/surg unit (where we also primarily took care of adult med surg pts due to low pedi census). About 3 weeks ago I accepted a position in the radiology department. The RN I took over for was promo...