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Good morning everyone!

So I live in a city in South Texas that only has 2 hospitals and a handful of drs offices. I am currently 26 weeks pregnant and am trying to find some options for work after the baby comes.

I've been a nurse for 3 years, worked adult med surg, pediatrics, NICU and interventional radiology. Due to my husband's schedule 12 hour days would make child care an issue but I feel like I've hit some dead ends looking for at home positions.

Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks for your time!

SaltySarcasticSally, LPN, RN

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Childcare is a pain when your a nurse and why I have worked in a dr's office as an lpn nearly my whole career. I graduate with my RN in April and plan to go the hospital, our solution is working opposite shifts but we still have to utilize daycare to fill in gaps. With the limited job options in your area, I would visit daycares just in case and see if you can work opposite your husband's hours.

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There are physician's offices, dialysis clinics, blood and plasma centers, education positions if you have a BSN, case management, IT/HIMS, Home Health, Hospice. Many of those offer more of a set type schedule you may be looking for. In my area we also have insurance companies that allow you to work from home answering questions for patients that call.

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Per diem weekend work is what I switched to when my kids came along. The weekend and/or night differentials were good, so I could get away financially with less than full time work- especially since we didn't have to pay for any childcare.

My husband works a 9-5 weekday schedule, so he was always there for childcare when I worked. My parents were available as backup childcare when my husband had to travel for his job.

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I would suggest home heath/PDN. PDN is not as reliable schedule wise as working at the hospital but you can pick & choose when you want to work.

My husband works 12 hour nocs so I know it is difficult to try to work around it & still be there with your child. I am a SAHM right now & expecting my second son around the same time as you. I hope to go back to school eventually so I have more options career wise. Good luck with your baby & future job (after baby).