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  1. All_dogs_eat_kale

    UCSF MEPN 2017

    Good Luck EVERYONE! Anyone have a completed application yet? What's everyone doing to keep their minds off of the wait? After my application is complete, I will be much more relaxed and probably catch up on my reading.
  2. All_dogs_eat_kale

    Is Becoming A NP Worth It?

    Can anyone speak to their experience as a NP that works in a community clinic? How different is this from working in the hospital? Do NPs work their way up the leadership ladder by advanced education or experience and time at a clinic? Maybe a combination of both?
  3. Fantastic advice, thank you all. Did anyone have children just before beginning program or during program? I always wonder when is the best time. A lot of people say there is never a right time but I think it may not be true for the nursing student.
  4. All_dogs_eat_kale

    UCSF MEPN 2016

    Hi! I will be in that pool too. I went to the info session--it was informative but a mixed crowd, so not all was about MEPN. It primarily focused on Nursing programs at UCSF in general. I found most of the info could be found online. Although it was nice to put faces to names and meet friendly people. Anxiously waiting for the application to be launched. I created a login but only see Dental and PT programs listed. Maybe it's still too early?