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laurengvoss is a BSN, RN and specializes in OR.

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  1. laurengvoss

    Seeking MSN program mentor

    Hello! I am completing my MSN in Nursing Education through WGU. I'm having some trouble finding a mentor for my capstone program. I live in the bay area (CA) and while we have many academic institutions, many have restrictions about taking outside graduate students. I'm hoping someone is interested in mentoring me throughout my capstone project. This is NOT a shadowing experience, and there is no minimum number of hours we would need to talk on the phone or email. Looking for: - a Master's prepared (or higher) RN or NP employed at an academic institution. Adjunct professors/ instructors are great! Requirements for mentors: - a short training module online - willingness to share information on the faculty role (attending or phoning into curriculum meetings, showing me how you develop assignments, etc) - willingness to help me complete task items throughout my capstone and sign off on their completion What is required of me: As I am getting my Master's in Nursing Education, my capstone focuses on designing a curriculum change, improvement or innovation. To do so I need to complete a needs assessment about your facility, then I will be completing a proposal paper that addresses the curriculum needs. In the end, I am hoping to create a 30-minute lecture (can be pre-recorded and given to you) directed towards pre-licensure students about OR nursing (hoping to garner interest and understanding of the role), but I can and will tailor my project depending on your experience, preference, ideas, etc. A little about myself: I've been in the OR for over 4 years. I started as a new grad in the OR and I love teaching! I'm a self-starter and have been very independent in my program thus far. I am willing to make a distance mentorship work via phone calls, online, texts, carrier pigeon, whatever it takes. My email is laurengvoss@gmail.com if anyone is willing to help or wants more information!!
  2. laurengvoss

    Lucile Packard New Grad RN Nurse Residency 2015

    Hi OR candidates: I did my second interview today! Take everything I say with a grain of salt because I know the unit after doing my preceptorship there BUT: It is a lot more casual than the first interviews. Most likely you, the manager ----------------------, nurse educator, and a manager from the SSU/other areas. (thats who it was for me). They asked a lot of personality questions like... how do you deal with stress, etc. Know why you want Packard, know why you want the OR. Ask about the training! It's a new setup this year and I feel like they are really excited about it, so it would look good to ask about it. FYI: it's Versant + Periop 101, so you do versant classes and learn scrub/circ role. Really awesome. The manager and the others are VERY nice, non-judgemental and like to talk. Think of it as more of a conversation than an interview. If you have more questions, reply and let me know.
  3. laurengvoss

    Lucile Packard New Grad RN Nurse Residency 2015

    Hi, I got a call today for a second interview tomorrow. I'm OR though, so the millions of NICU applicants can rest easy! As far as I'm know (I did my preceptorship at LPCH), they are taking 4 OR new grads. Just FYI.

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